A More Productive Day with the Right Chair (Infographic)

If we have a boring, drab and dull workspace, it probably doesn’t give us much motivation for the day. This is why having an enjoyable, well decorated workspace can really make you much more productive and willing to work.

We’ve heard of tonnes of ways over the years in which we can get more motivation from our work environment: buying plants, letting in more natural light, playing music, working outside, etc. But have you ever thought about what your office chair could do for you?

How does your office chair reflect your personal style, and does this make you a harder worker? Furniture At Work have created this #MyChair infographic that answers these questions.

Furniture at work - infographic

A Chair You Can Wear

If your chair reflects your dress sense, you might feel more suited to your working environment.

For someone who prefers to stick to neutral colours such as white and cream, an oversized cream chair might work best. For someone who has a favourite leather jacket, a black leather chair would be ideal. For someone who prefers bold colours, go crazy with a pink chair that might just make you smile when you first walk into the office.

Comfort as well as Style

As much as you want your chair to look nice, you’re not going to get much work done if you’re constantly uncomfortable.

Comfort is key to work motivation. If you’ve got an aching back, your mind won’t be fully concentrating on your work.

Your chair needs to be the right height so that your feet can be comfortably flat on the floor, and your arms the right height for the keyboard. When you look at your screen, you should be eye level with the very top of it. Your office should provide screen raisers or an alternative chair if you can’t achieve all of the above.

Businesswoman sitting on an office chair

Health Benefits

You might not believe it, but having the wrong chair can cause all sorts of problems with your physical health. The wrong chair height can put a strain on your wrists because you’re typing incorrectly. A chair without a backrest can cause some serious back strain. If you’re looking up at your screen all the time, you could end up with neck and shoulder pain.

Having the right chair is imperative to your work. Whether you want a nice-looking one, or one that leans back with you to support your back, there are hundreds of office chairs on the market for you to choose from.