A Guide to Feng Shui your Office

Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional practice of styling your home décor through which energy can be channelised to your home and eventually to your life.

Here, through this article, I won’t tell you about the ways to decorate your home, but it’s going to be about your office, which is even more important to arrange properly to get more work output.

Coworkers working in a Feng Shui-inspired office space

The four principles that you should keep in your mind to organise your office space are:

1. The power of colours

2. Cleaning and clearing the space

3. The importance of layout

4. Self Feng Shui

Let’s talk about each principle below.

1. The power of colours

It is scientifically proven that colours psychologically connect to us. So, even while choosing colours for your work space, you should keep the psychological significance of each shade in your mind.

For example, purple gives your mind a sensation of abundance and prosperity, red is associated with fame, green with community, and blue with wisdom.

So, depending on the work you do, your office should bear hues that can give maximum output in that particular niche. For example if you are running matrimonial services, then your office walls can have pink as it is associated with love and relationships.

2. Cleaning and clearing the space

Cleanliness come next to godliness, so your office should be cleaned daily because litter obviously won’t get you more clients!

The desks at your office must be free of clutter and at least half of the space on them should be empty. Free space relaxes your mind and encourages you to work more.

Feng Shui office desk layout
photo credit: Shutterfly

3. The importance of layout

Before setting up your office, always design a layout first. The layout should be in such a way that it incorporates the five Feng Shui elements.

These elements are fire, wood, earth, water, and metal. Each element is associated with a special property such as stability, calmness, clarity, power, etc. So, your office should have some amount of each of these five elements, and one element should not be in too much use.

Also, the furniture used in your office shouldn’t have sharp edges. They are not considered good for energy to drive in and they can be harmful as well. So give curved edges to your desks, workbench, and chairs.

4. Self Feng Shui

The most important thing required to work efficiently is the will to work, and that will comes from a positive and enthusiastic mind. If you don’t feel good with your responsibilities and duties, you can’t do them at any cost. So, it is necessary to calm your mind before coming to work or even while working.

You should keep a balance between your professional and personal life. When you are working, you should totally concentrate towards it, and if you don’t feel mentally prepared to work, then you can perform some simple exercises or yoga techniques like Pranayama.

Nature also keeps our mind cool, so try to have at least some ornamental plants at your office that can be placed at meeting point of two walls or on office desks. Nature keeps your mind stable and more focused towards work.

Now Over to You…

Are you practicing Feng Shui principles at your workplace? If so, please share your tips with our readers!