6 Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stand a Sure Success

The purpose of an exhibition is to catch the attention of visitors and get a buzz started about your brand and message. However, you can’t do that unless your exhibition stand attracts attention, and that means that you have to find a way to ensure that it stands out from all of the others around it. Take a look at some tips that can help you ensure that your exhibition stand is successful.

Linsinger exhibition stand at International Railway Summit
photo credit: International Railway Summit / Flickr

Grab a Great Location Early

“Location, location, location” may be the first rule of real estate, but it’s also a pretty good rule when it comes to setting up an exhibition stand. The best locations will go fast, so it’s important to plan ahead and reserve the space you want at the first available opportunity.

Keep in mind that prime locations often come at an extra charge, so be sure to budget for more if you want to improve your location. In some cases, the benefit to securing a great spot can be long lasting. Some exhibitions will offer you the first shot at the spot you had last year, so getting a great spot now can also ensure that you keep it in the future. If you’re considering long-term contact with an exhibition that you’ll be attending year after year, a prime spot is something you can negotiate for in your contract.

Be Inviting

You want as many people as possible to be drawn to your stand, so it’s important to be approachable and inviting. You want people to feel comfortable coming up to you and asking you questions. One way to do that is to ensure that you have smiling members of staff in place, waiting to answer any questions that your visitors may have.

However, your display materials matter as well. Not everyone wants to talk to a member of staff right away. Some would prefer to read a pamphlet first; others would rather watch a video demo. Having a variety of different materials will make your stand inviting to a variety of different people.

Make Your Message Clear

If visitors can’t tell what your stand is about at a glance, they’re liable to just walk right by. It’s important to make smart use of exhibition displays to ensure that your message comes through loud and clear. Display items such as banner stands can be purchased online for less than £50, for this small fee you are going to ensure that both your message and brand stand out to all passersby.

Things like banner stands, floor graphics, and printed tablecloths can be used to great effect to give a quick overview of what you’re all about. Use clear, simple logos and slogans that make it obvious what you’re there to demonstrate.

Exhibition stands at EWEA 2013
photo credit: EWEA / Flickr

Give Gifts Cautiously

Branded gifts can either be very useful or it can be a waste of money, and a lot depends on what you give. For example, it’s often best to give gifts that serve a purpose. A branded mug or T-shirt could be used more and remembered longer than a fridge magnet.

It can also help to choose merchandise that relates to your product. Giving away branded mousepads or thumb drives makes a lot more sense if your product is computer peripherals than it does if your product is a kitchen appliance.

Offer Specials

It’s great to raise awareness of your brand and product, but it’s even better if you can make some sales on the spot. Consider offering special rates or discounts that are only good for the duration of the show.

Another thing that you can do is offer contests. Everyone wants the chance to win something. You can offer your visitors a chance to win something by filling out a contact form or survey, or perhaps by making a purchase.

Use Social Media

Connect with exhibition visitors by using your social media presence. Reach out to people in your social network who live in the area where the show is located, who have mentioned the show on their social media pages, or who have checked in at the show location.

A successful exhibition stand requires research and advance planning. These 6 tips will be a great place to start if either your new to business events, or if you’re returning for another year and are simply looking to improve on the last.