6 Smart Ways to Cut Down your Business’ Utility Bills

By cutting down on your business’ utility expenses, you could not only save your firm more money, but this money could also be something you then use to invest in developing your company even more.

However, as most business owners will understand, you can’t simply stop using things like gas, water, and electric, as these are essential – what you can do though is be smart and cut down, here’s how:

Cutting business utility bills

1. Switch Tariffs

The first thing you can do is switch your tariffs. Often, it’s easy just to go through the motions and keep paying the bills each month without properly checking the rates. But the reality is there are providers such as Utilitywise who actually have plans, especially for businesses. Such tariffs could knock a huge chunk off your monthly expenses.

2. Go Greener

Another tried and tested method is to get your staff to be more practical and conscious about how much energy and resource they’re using. Simple steps like getting them to turn off their computers and lights when they’re finished for the day can help make a difference.

3. Use Motion Tech

An alternative or addition to the above step is to spend a little money on systems that automatically monitor this and switch things off when people aren’t around. A common example of this is motion detection systems that a lot of businesses use for controlling their lights.

4. Be Practical with the Temperature

During the warmer summer months don’t relentlessly run the air-conditioning, instead open windows in the morning and let the breeze naturally cool down the rooms. Equally in the winter turn off the heating in any rooms that aren’t in use.

Investing in business equipment

5. Invest in Better Equipment

If you have the budget for it, then it can be a good idea to buy newer – and therefore, more efficient – versions of the equipment you’re currently using. The added benefit to this is you and your teams might also get your work done much quicker.

6. Allow Flexible Working

Lastly, what better way to cut down your utilities than by lowering the number of people you need to accommodate? By offering flexible working hours, you can allow people to work from home instead, rather than using your internal resources.


As aforementioned this can be a great way to save and give you further scope for business development. The only additional takeaway here is to get started on the above as soon as possible, as every day that passes by with your current setup is potential money wasted for your company.