5 Ways For Making Your Table-Top Trade Show Display Far Better

Oftentimes an “afterthought” in the majority of event marketing and trade show programs, a powerful “table-top” display ought to be the most engaging element of your “face to face” marketing program. No matter if your “table-top” display is actually being utilized at a small trade show, job fair or recruiting event, we have put together a few ideas which we think can help you make a more beneficial display.

nStands, exhibition stand builders in Stuttgart, shares the following tips for making the most of your table-top trade show display.

Tabletop display design
photo credit: Doug Foster / Flickr

Choose The Proper Display For Job

The “tabletop” displays tend to be accessible in a variety of styles. Not to mention, the most essential thing to do is to choose the display that is most suitable for your own event. If it is possible, then figure out which styles other participants are utilizing. Will they possess larger, DIY “tabletop” displays with the high-impact visuals, or even will their event mainly feature small “briefcase” style displays? Actually, a small briefcase display can be ideal for a few events, but in case your competition will have bigger “table-top” displays with the full-color graphics, ensure that you buy a display which can contend in that particular environment.

Take Some Time To Produce The Best Visuals

Well. You have only three seconds to grab the interest of the booth visitors. It is significant that you spend some time to make visuals and graphics which are effective as well as speak the message which you desire to convey.

In terms of most “trade-show” displays, the best ones typically feature big pictures or images that tie into a standard message, for example, a concept for a particular advertising strategy or a standard brand message. All those images tend to be followed by a tagline and company logo. When building your message, make an effort to create taglines or text which highlights the most significant points you are attempting to convey at that specific event.

Restrict The Clutter

Simply because you possess an 8′ or 6′ table in the exhibit, that does not imply that you must cover this with lots of brochures and flyers. Keep the “tabletop” free from anything which might distract the attendees from the display as well as cut any handouts which you might have down to most vital items. If extra literature does not help you offer the message you are attempting to send to the prospects, keep this out of the view.

Trade show

Include A “Printed” Table Cover

The “printed” table covers offer a great chance to highlight a tagline or logo. Many exhibitors just use standard, “unprinted” table cover that is provided by show organizers. Frequently these covers tend to be worn or perhaps clash with colors of display. The “printed” table covers vary from basic designs showcasing one or two “color” logos to complicated designs “printed” with the full-color images. For setting yourself aside from competition, we suggest buying a “printed” table cover for helping you to make best utilization of the space.

Increase All The Booth Space

Hopefully, you possess found the appropriate “table-top” display. It features beautiful, clear graphics as well as you possess the right table cover for complementing your display. Needless to say, your job is not over yet. Don’t forget to benefit from a few other spaces in the exhibit. The Literature displays really are an excellent approach to share the company information devoid of cluttering the display area. However, you can easily use a retractable, lightweight “banner stand” to call focus on a new item.


Last but not the list; hope this post is successful to help you learn how to make your tabletop trade show better to a great extent. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great trade show!