5 Ways Employers Can Create a Positive Work Environment

If you think putting an effort into employee satisfaction doesn’t have good ROI, you’re kidding yourself. Your employees are your largest, most expensive resource, and their quality and satisfaction will make or break your business. Any steps you take to make their lives better is practically guaranteed to pay back significant dividends over the long-term.

One of the easiest ways you can work to improve employee satisfaction is by providing a positive work environment. And that doesn’t just mean casual Fridays and free coffee in the break room.

Happy employees

Here are simple ways to boost employee morale through optimizing your work environment.

Enable Transparency

Employees hate being kept in the dark. No matter the issue, studies have have shown that honesty really is always the best policy. Even if that means giving critical feedback or sharing bad news, the trust and long-term rapport that transparency establishes is invaluable to fostering a favorable work environment.

Make Attitude and Character a Core Hiring Metric

Have you ever applied to a position for which you were perfectly qualified on paper, only to be turned down for no good reason? It’s a frustrating experience, but the underlying reason for it might have more justification than you think. In fact, you should probably be happy for it.

The reason is this: you didn’t fit the culture. That’s not an insult or a critique on your personality. It’s just an acknowledgement that people are different, and they aren’t all cut out to work with one another. Matching new employees to the existing social dynamics in your office is just as important as vetting their skill sets, in some cases maybe more.

Acknowledge Success and Be Generous With Encouragement

Few people will continue to give their best effort if nobody seems to realize the difference they’re making. It’s not because they’re stuck up or egotistical. They simply wish to fulfill that core human need of feeling needed and appreciated.

Don’t let the gratitude you have for your employees work go unnoticed. Celebrate their wins, bring attention to their progress, and strengthen them with encouragement when the going gets tough.

Never Hold Back Growth

Every employee in your business was hired to fill a defined set of responsibilities. For the most part, employees strive to fill these duties and occasionally go the extra mile. Unfortunately, that makes many managers and business owners fail to recognize the rare few employees who are extra driven to go above and beyond in their role and provide extra value to the business (while growing professionally and monetarily).

Keep a close eye out for these employees and support their ambition. Even if they require some extra resources or attention, they will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset in the future.

Offer Extra Creature Comforts

Although policy and management style can go a long way, they aren’t the only way to keep people happy. The impact of perks like comfy office chairs, tasty snacks and beverages, and quality work equipment can’t be underestimated. Obviously, there’s a finite amount of money your business can afford to spend on these kinds of things, but it’s wise to err on the side of generosity.

What measures have you (or your employer) taken to create a positive work environment? Did we miss anything crucial? Feel free to add your ideas in the comments!