5 Tips on Being a Lean Startup Entrepreneur With Less to Spend!

The average cost of starting a new business can be just anything, depending on your requirements, plans of expansion and the kind of industry you are planning to work in. No matter if your money comes from the financing and the savings, watch out for how you ultimately spend your money as it can be extremely critical for your business. Now with this, we clearly mean that you will be required to establish boundaries and habits in order to ensure that you are spending money well and quite wisely. That should be enough to help you out in operating as a lean start-up but trust us, there is more to explore for the ones who are really keen.

lean startup

As you consider starting and growing your business, there are plenty of the factors that must be considered by you. When you are there with the right approach in hand, you know you can benefit more by simply spending less.

Work from home is a good idea

Not all the businesses are required to step into working in a commercial office lease space right from the beginning. If you are setting up a low cost office such as one in your home, you know you can save a lot, particularly on tax. You can choose a good co-working space if you are looking for a more social setting. This is a great way to mingle and interact with like minded entrepreneurs. We must also add that these workplaces are far cooler. You can hit the search engines and find a locality that matches your requirements well.

Rental agreements prove to be much more flexible when compared with the commercial leases and with them in place, you know you are also going to have a great option of scaling up. You can take the help of a serviced office broker who can ultimately help you in locating the most suitable space.

Buy surplus

You can also save a lot of money by buying equipments and even office supplies that are used. Now this is one of the lesser known but one of the best ways for controlling the rising costs in new business. You can also consider bartering in which you will be required to exchange goods directly with the other party out there. It is one of the growing practices among new businesses that are looking to cut down on growing expenditure and focus on other concerns.

Don’t hire employees to keep them idle

If you can’t keep your employees busy, better don’t hire them! You can hire people to work for you on an intern basis and even on hourly basis depending on the requirements of your project. It can help you in keeping your overall costs low.

Be little more cautious about the budget

When you can control your budget, you can control nearly everything that comes your way – so true! Make sure that you have invested in your promotion and in your marketing campaigns well and after putting in lot of thoughts. There is nothing wrong in having a game plan. Don’t be impacted by the glamour quotient and think about the tactics that focus on low costs. Ask this to yourself at every stage – is this really required? If you can connect with your prospects and know what they want and expect of you, it will become all the more easy for you to focus on all that is required and chuck out the ones that seem to be unnecessary.

You are likely going to get the best in terms of ROI. Make sure that you can plan out on yearly or quarterly basis and simply calendar things out! It will ensure that you stay on the track and right on the budget. Don’t overburden yourself with the pressure of coming up with the last minute marketing or advertising tactics. You should also help yourself make the most informed decisions by regularly monitoring your ROI. You will better know what finally works for you and what really doesn’t!

Master the art of negotiation

If you know how to negotiate, you are almost there! Whether you are contracting with a supplier or a contractor, you must know and learn the art of negotiation. If you can practice negotiation skills at the early stages, you know you are going to establish some of the really long term and strong relationships in the business scenario. You will also be able to save on a lot of money and be able to focus on just what’s right and required!

Don’t underestimate the fairly decent offers that are coming your way – you may never know the value of a gift coming your way till the time you unwrap it. With the right approach and the best business practices, you may be rewarded with repeat business and referrals.

About the Author: Evans is a blogger and content marketer. Currently, he is associated with Rope-Barriers.com, a leading UK based supplier of sign holders. Click here to view its range of sign holders.

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