5 Success Strategies Startups Can Learn from Big Brands

Just as people have role models they look up to and want to be like, small brands have bigger brands that have attained the heights they desire to reach someday.

Every brand aims at generating sales, increasing their conversion rates, and building their brand reputation. Growing a brand can be quite tasking and exhilarating, as businesses don’t survive on just luck. This increases the need to learn from others who have been there.

Business people in a big company

One lesson to pick from big brands is treating your employees rightly. You should develop this early so the value and message will grow with your brand. With a culture that appreciates and rewards employees, you will have efficient workers who do their best to achieve optimum productivity.

Here are five strategies startups can learn from big brands.

Establish an online presence

The world has become a global village – thanks to the internet. As a brand, you need to have a professional online website. Recent research shows that one in every five pounds spent with retailers in the UK was through the internet.

With the wide growth of the internet, there are many advantages to taking your business online. Besides speeding up your growth time, you can choose your audience and reach out to a larger number of persons through social media. You will also make better sales, build better a brand-customer relationship, and increase your income.

Invest in Content Development

Big brands invest in quality content. Quality content promotes brand visibility, tells your brand story, and increases your conversion rate. People are more likely to identify with your brand if they follow you and appreciate your content online.

Your contents should be directed towards convincing your customers to believe your products will satisfy their needs. Focus on the benefits of your product to them and on your brand message. Invest in content development; hire professional content developers to create amazing and compelling content for you.

Sell a story

Storytelling is a tool used by many brands to spread influence and relate to people. Weave a relatable story around your brand or product.

Sell the story to the general public along with your brand message. Once your audience can relate to this story, they will love to identify with you. This can create a cult following for your brand essentially making you a religion.

Coca-Cola brands

Be consistent

Consistency remains the key to building a brand. It helps you establish trust with your customers. Maintain a distinct logo and brand colour. Create and stick to your brand message. With each content you dish out that screams your brand message, the audience is getting convinced on what you stand for. This grows your influence and income simultaneously.

Put your customers first

Customers are the lifeline of every business. Your customer service should be superb. Listen to them, appreciate them, and reply to their emails and messages. Maintain close contact with them and establish a good brand-customer relationship.

Give out freebies and hold promos occasionally. Secure public liability insurance to protect your business and the people who come to visit your shop. You will be able to identify what they need and how best to serve the public better.


Building a brand requires time, energy, and costly resources. Grab as many lessons as you can from big brands and utilize them to push your brand forward. With consistency and the right resources, you will be competing with the big brands in no time.