5 Reasons Why You Should Join Bloomberg Current

Bloomberg Current is one of the latest business social networking sites which I think deserve more buzz than it has right now. What is it and why you should join it?

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I am a long time user of Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange (BX.) It’s a news sharing site in which we can either post news pieces or blog posts and discover the latest updates on any business topics you want.

I use BX for 2 reasons: Promoting my content and finding stories to blog about and/or share to my social network. My content does get targeted traffic and I honestly enjoy the “expert” status I get from BX due to my frequent sharing in the network. Indeed, when you share a lot, your profile will be listed as one of the top contributors; it’s quite a boost in personal branding, despite the less-popularity of BX.

Well, last week, as one of BX’ top 100 contributors (I have made 5,700 contributions and have 350 followers,) I get an update with regard to BX’ future. There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is, Bloomberg will retire BX this August for one reason or another. The good news is, Bloomberg has launched the beta version of a new social site, called Bloomberg Current.

What is Bloomberg Current?

I honestly have high hopes on Bloomberg Current, as I am looking forward for a better BX. And yes, BX has a weakness – it’s weak in social engagement – no wonder BX is a less-known social site, despite the big name behind it (Bloomberg.)

Well, I’ve requested for an invite and once I get it, I soon take a deep dive into Bloomberg Current. The learning curve is pretty short as it’s pretty much similar to BX and some other social networking/news sharing site, such as StumbleUpon.


Bloomberg Current’s main features evolve around these two features: Post and Stream.

Post is your submitted post/story. When you submit one, your story will be listed in a “public” stream or a stream you create or contributing to.

Stream is the “category” users create – you can subscribe to a stream to read articles or submit your own stories in your own stream/a stream you are contributing to (the stream leader can give that privilege to you.)

Why you should join Bloomberg Current

I’m still not convinced in the social networking part, but in the news sharing arena, it shows great potential for these 5 reasons:

1. Tools to Curate Content

If you are a journalist or blogger, Bloomberg Current is a heaven: When you create a stream on a specific niche, you can start curate interesting stories from all over the web. This is nice, but even nicer, other users can subscribe to your stream and discuss the stories with you. This is great to gain insights.

Moreover, you can invite someone to be a contributor in your stream, allowing him/her to share stories, which will give you an opportunity to get updated with something you might miss out.

2. Become an Expert in Your Niches

When you create a stream, it will need to go through the moderation process. When your stream is approved you will have it under your user name; yes, your name will appear as the stream leader, which is great for your personal and business branding.

Imagine when 100 users subscribe to your streams – as streams listed in user profiles, your name and business will gain exposure in 100 channels; imagine when your subscriber is a leader or influencer – consider how much exposure you will get from your streams (yes, you can create as many streams as you want.)

With patience, you will eventually become an expert in your streams.

3. Get Connected with Business Leaders and Experts

As of today, Bloomberg Current is still not open to public; joining requires you an invitation (you can request for it, of course.) Initially, there will be chosen users who are business leaders and experts. Joining early will let you discover the leaders and experts – and get connected with them.

Of course, things will be different when Current is open for general public: You will gain more access to more people – including business experts. Indeed, this will be big!

4. Get Targeted Traffic

It’s still too early, but I expect Bloomberg Current to be better than BX. I get some nice, targeted traffic from BX, and I expect at least the same from Bloomberg Current.

I’ve checked on the search engines, and quietly, Bloomberg Current’s pages – including posted stories – are indexed very well. So, I think they have a pretty good chance in ranking high on one topic or another.

5. It’s a Bloomberg!

Well, it’s a bit clichĂ©, but Bloomberg Current is, well, a Bloomberg. Although big names won’t guarantee success (i.e. Google retires many of its services, like Buzz, Reader, etc.) a good support from one of the leaders in media industry means you will have some traction in the market.

Should I join Bloomberg Current?

Unlike BX, which is just a part of Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Current has its own name and it’s started with a good vision – and great things should start with a good vision.

If your profession or business requires you to stay on top of the latest business updates, you should join Bloomberg Current; if you are a web professional or entrepreneur in which your products/services are related to everything-content, you should join Bloomberg Current.

Well, let’s get going – what’s holding you back?

Ivan Widjaya
Founder/CEO Biz Penguin

Cover photo credit: background image by Hervé Corcia. Logo from Bloomberg Current.