5 Myths of Gondola Shelving: Is It Truly All the Same?

Gondola shelving features in many retail stores, often providing the majority of all product display space. Despite being so common and respected, gondola shelving has become the subject of a number of myths, belief in which can hold a retail store back.

A quick look at the five most common mistaken ideas about gondola shelving could be helpful.

Gondola shelving in a supermarket

1. It is Always Expensive

Gondola shelving is inherently more complicated than certain other types of retail display space, and that is sometimes taken to mean that it will never be the most affordable option. While it will often be possible to put up other types of shelving for a somewhat lower price, though, gondola-style shelving inevitably provides more value for the money.

While that alone will often ensure gondola shelving wins out with regard to cost-effectiveness, there are ways of making the equation even more favorable. Buying high-quality Used Lozier Shelving, for instance, will endow a retail store with inexpensive display space that is also particularly flexible.

In other words, it pays to look beyond the price tag when considering types of shelving. Gondola shelving will sometimes cost a bit more than certain alternatives but will repay the additional investment generously.

2. It is All Compatible

Gondola shelves produced by one manufacturer can sometimes be fitted to backs and center supports obtained from others. This can give rise to the perception that gondola-style components have been standardized to the point that they can be mixed and matched at will.

That is simply not true in practice, as the wide variety of center measurement standards in the industry should make clear. Even when a motley collection of gondola shelving parts looks superficially compatible, looseness and other issues will often be present.

3. It is a Commodity

Gondola shelving is so popular that many companies now produce their own systems. This can make it seem as if the various gondola shelving products on the market were more like commodities than well-differentiated offerings.

Anyone who looks into the matter more deeply, though, will discover that quality levels and other traits range widely. Some very well-established gondola shelving producers have developed deserved reputations for producing parts and units that hold up well to even the most demanding use. As such, buyers should be aware that spending more on a particular brand of gondola shelving can pay dividends.

4. It Does Not Make a Difference

Some brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to attract shoppers and keep them loyal. Unfortunately, many overlook the importance and impact of display systems when seeking ways to become more competitive.

One of the reasons for the persistent popularity of gondola shelving across so many types of retail has been that it suits the needs and preferences of so many shoppers well. Gondola shelving will almost always be a safe choice and can help make a retail store more appealing to potential customers.

5. It is not Future-Proof

The retail industry is still going strong and will do so for a long time to come. Ambitious, forward-thinking retailers sometimes look at gondola shelving as an overly staid, conservative option.

While there are other types of shelving systems that can be worth considering, a focus on the fundamentals often tips the balance toward the time-tested gondola design. There are few, if any, reasons to think that gondola shelving will remain anything but viable and appealing well into the future.

Good Reasons for the Longtime Popularity of Gondola Shelving

Simply by being so ubiquitous and successful, gondola shelving has become the subject of a fair number of myths. A closer look at any of these, though, will reveal that the truth is more interesting and favorable.