Why Location is Everything when Choosing an Office

Your business’ location can have a big impact on how much profit you make. An office that is easy to get to, has great links with the rest of the world and all the embellishments a modern company needs would be ideal. Picking somewhere to set yourself up is a hard decision, but you must take your time and do your research before signing that lease contract.

Businesswoman in front of London office building
Businesswoman in front of a London office building – photo credit: Roberto Trombetta / Flickr

Looking at the stats for each major city and town in your area will help to make your decision easier. For example, if ultrafast broadband is a requirement for your UK-based business, most of the top 10 cities for it are in Southern England. Think about what your business needs the most, to accommodate your employees’ and clients’ needs.

From A to B

One of the main things to consider when choosing an office is connectivity – is it easy to get to? Transport links by road, rail, air and, in major cities, light rail, are hugely important. For that, world cities such as London, Paris and New York emphatically tick that box.

Cities with more than one airport are desirable too, particularly for attracting international business and gaining name recognition. London has five of them.

Getting from A to B without any distractions or issues like traffic is cherished by many workers, as is parking space. Your office should have at least some on-site car parking spaces, as well as space for cyclists to lock their bikes. If parking space is free, then all the better for employees and clients, as it removes one expense from their weekly spending.

New office location

Everything On-Site

Having everything taken care of in your chosen office – utilities, broadband, security – is bound to attract you. Typically, big cities and major business parks have the better deal for all of that, as it is in the interest of the property owner to do everything they can to entice would-be customers.

Going through an office agency like DeVono will help to find such an office space. Having everything on-site will save you the headache of sorting out contracts with electricity, water and broadband providers, if nothing else.

Finally, having a major city in your business address helps to legitimise your company. In having an address somewhere like London, Manchester or Edinburgh, you are more likely to be taken seriously by potential customers. The opposite would be true if, say, you were in the heart of a National Park.