What to Consider when Choosing a Business Courier

Courier services form the backbone of e-commerce business. Putting it in simple words, E-commerce would not exist without parcel delivery. Managing the pickup and delivery of the industry and being the only physical touch point with customers, couriers play a crucial role in the customer brand experiences, especially in e-commerce.

\Many times, when something goes wrong, customers blame the e-commerce business owners, not the courier service. However, shipping has become an extension of the brand and businesses need to choose the right business courier.

Shop owner receiveing package from courier service

As there are currently lots of courier companies providing delivery services, it’s important to do your research and choose the one that caters specifically for businesses and provides a real solution to your specific business. Besides offering competitive prices, it’s fundamental to think in the long term and also evaluate based on scalability and convenience

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are a major determinant of online sales. Your business competes with businesses of different sizes and different budgets, and online shoppers expect either free shipping or cheap shipping.

There are couriers that offer simple flat-rate pricing and cheaper rates depending on the volume of parcels sent. You need to consider the rates of courier to see if it suits your business requirements.

Go for the courier that offers cheap shipping rates, easy flat rate pricing, free parcel pick- up regardless of quantity or gives consideration to the cost of parcel delivery depending on the number of parcels sent per month.

Delivery Time and Locations

Delivery coverage, the average delivery time or time in transit are all aspects that need to be taken into consideration. If you are already shipping internationally, or have plans to expand, also consider if the courier that was chosen also offers flat-rate prices for international parcel delivery.

Business courier service

Tracking and Insurance

It is essential to use a courier that provides up to date information on the journey of the parcel sent. By offering clear and accurate online tracking of their orders, online retailers can reduce the anxiety of customers and maintain their logistics efficiently as well. Knowing where the parcel is can definitely ease the minds of your customers, especially if there is a delay in the shipment.

Another factor to consider is insurance or protection. Look for a company that provides insurance on its parcels so you can file claims related to damaged or lost packages. Couriers who already include this in their parcel delivery also show their commitment to delivering your parcels securely to the receiver.

Online Integrations

If you’re running an business and want to have a better contol on your logistics, there are couriers such as Sendle that offer an online dashboard to manage all your orders in one place. In addition, they also offer 1-click free integrations with top sites such as eBay, Shopify and Woocommerce. These features can make your work a breeze and can definitely streamline your shipping process.

Delivery and courier services form an extension of your business, By working with the right courier service, you can ensure the best customer experience related to shipping and delivery.