What Should Be Your Small Business Marketing Strategy in 2014?

Small business strategies require a good deal of adjustment and assurance. It becomes all the more important to adjust your goals in order to ensure that you manage to stay on target. We must admit that the small business strategies have taken on an altogether new meaning. With the advancement of technology, business environments are being affected. Such strategies are essential for the success of your organization as the size of the small businesses do require strategies that are not only capable of simplifying efforts but also do it’s best in saving time and preserving limited resources.

on target marketing

Holiday seasons are undoubtedly busy periods for the small businesses. Hence it is extremely vital to set aside your marketing strategies and plan for the year that falls ahead. What can you do to continue reaping benefits in business? What are your plans that you feel can work and ultimately help you in keeping your business right on track by encouraging you to stay ahead in the competition.

Marketing issues are usually on top of mind for the small business owners vying to make the most out of their business strategies in the New Year. If the First annual small business sentiment survey is to be believed, 42% of the small business owners admitted that their major concern lies in finding the new customers first. Keeping the customers and citing competition is something that they constantly worry about.

Develop an approachable market budget that shouts realism

Two of the most pressing concerns must be – citing customer attraction and retention.

Breaking the bank is not always the only thing that you need to do but you must mandatorily make the most strategic investments that aim to position your brand and business well. Here are the quick tips.

  • Measure marketing efforts through return-on investment
  • Make sure that you can offer the much needed flexibility keeping your business goals in mind.
  • In order to attract consumers, small businesses must make smart investments.

Build a simple yet much effective website

Your website is the major component of your business strategy in the digital stratosphere. Build a simple website that can encourage your prospects to connect with you with

  • an easy-to-use interface
  • incorporation of searchable keywords
  • updated contents
  • good monitoring of web analytics

Build impactful mobile-optimized website

Google/Nielsen study shows that 59% of the customers browse business websites while they are conducting searches over mobile. More and more consumers are increasingly turning to the tablets and the smartphones for searching local business, services and products. Hence it becomes extremely important for you to ensure that your business is well optimized for such experiences rather than missing out in negligence. Conduct mobile-audits and make them aware of your mobile website.

Built suitable and accurate listings presence

As a growing small business, it is mandatory for you to appear on the business listing websites. Make sure that your business listing is complete and this should encourage them to proceed to contact you and make a purchase. Your business deserves to be listed and primarily with services like Axiom, Yext, Universal business listing, etc. The idea is to make listings complete and accurate.

Know the art of managing negative online reviews

Negative reviews can kill your business strategy and sales. Since they hugely affect the purchasing behavior, control their inflow. What can you do?

  • Try to encourage customers to avoid writing them
  • Monitor the review sites
  • Keep calm and respond with responsibility and when to do so should also be determined
  • Let positive reviews flow in from happy customers.

Build a motivated social media presence

Consumers spend huge time on social media and hence small businesses must strengthen their online presence. Determine the kind of social media channels that you feel are going to work best for the kind of business you are in. Develop editorial calendars to encourage you to remain engaged. Respond and share on the social media platforms but be careful and avoid hurting sentiments. Leading social media marketing company Viral Tactic believe that it is now almost impossible for small businesses to stay in touch with their local customers unless and until the brand has an impressive and active presence on the social circle. It is the constant interaction between the brand and the targeted audience that creates a fertile ground for the conversion to take place. So, small businesses can only ignore the ever-growing importance of social media at their own peril.

Result reporting – last but not least

Measure your results from your marketing strategies. These results are going to inform you how fruitful your marketing efforts have turned out to be and also how you should set your priorities from now on. You must develop a reporting structure that is simple and approachable.

Laying out strategies for your small business is something and making it work is something else. Have strategies that are based on realities and may require ongoing adjustments to get things right in place. Review your plan from time to time critically examine your efforts and you are almost there!