What Conveyancing Management Software Can Do For Your Business

Behind every successful business lies successful infrastructure and workflow. Whether you are a sole trader or a multi-channel, multi-location firm and whether you provide a single conveyancing service, or it’s just one of many different legal services that you provide to clients, the use of modern and effective conveyancing management software can help improve your business efforts. You can improve communication, standardise the way in which your business operates, and you can more accurately record, report, and analyse business data. You can also offer individual project and time management features that not only help improve workflow completion, but also improve working conditions for your employees.


Communication is key to successful conveyancing projects. From the first point of contact made between a potential client and your business, to the letters and documents that you send to the Land Registry and other groups, it is vital that you relay information in an accurate and timely manner. It is also important to relay updates and information to clients, while effective collaboration can only be enjoyed by those teams that encourage good communication between its employees and team members.

Conveyancing software enables you to set up standard documents and templates. These can be prepopulated with client specific information, automatically generated, and can even be sent at predetermined deadlines, contract anniversary dates, or when a project reaches a specific milestone. The most effective software allows you to choose the information that is sent, who it is sent to, when it is sent, and even the method of communication, and while phone calls and in-person meetings cannot be full automated, it is possible to set up reminders for those that need to make communication.

A conveyancing firm requires the collection, editing, and submission of many items of data. This data is not only used in the completion of the projects, but also for business, finance, and administrative purposes. The money really is in the data, and it is vital that all relevant information is stored when it arrives, and that it is possible to work with the data in exactly the way that you need to.

Conveyancing software can help in many ways. You can grant data entry access or provide the means of altering, updating, and otherwise working with the data, to all relevant parties. You can store all information in a single database, that is accessible by all that have the appropriate permissions, and you can use the data to run accurate and relevant reports. The data can also be used to prefill forms, to automatically generate communication, and to provide reports for stakeholders and for analysis.

Some tasks within your firm may not be considered integral to the completion of projects, but are still vital to the success of your company, while others do not directly impact the success or failure of a contract, but help ensure timely completion and improved workflows. Task assignments, automatic to-do-list generation, and other project management features can improve the performance of team members as well as the business itself.