What are The Top Worldwide Generator Brands?

Worldwide there are hundreds, if not thousands, of diesel generator manufacturers. Each manufacturer offers a similar but subtly different product, however there is spectrum in both cost and quality.

Manufacturing of diesel generators is found in every continent, whereby Asia is synonymous with a cheaper and less reliable product than the European (EU) and United States alternative. Having said that the Asian including Middle East are responsible for the majority of manufacturing of diesel generator sets.

CAT power generator
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Below is a list of many examples of the manufacturers of diesel generators around the world. Many of these companies will have distributors and subsidiaries located in many other countries. Some will event have more than one factory, whereby manufacturing may be undertaken in different countries, to give their brand the edge when it comes to market share, offering a locally manufactured product instead of an imported one.

FG Wilson

Since the 1960s FG Wilson have been a leading provider of diesel generator sets ranging up to 2500kVA in size. With modern facilities in Europe, Asia and Latin America they offer one of the widest ranges of diesel generator sets. Since 1990 they are reported to have manufactured over 640000 diesel generators.


CAT aka Caterpillar Inc. are perhaps the most famous heavy machinery company in the world. With sales and revenues totalling in excess of $50billion in 2018, Caterpillar is the world leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. One range it offers is a complete range of Diesel and Gas Powered Generator Sets. Their range goes up to a massive 10000 KW.

Welland Power

Welland Power are a UK manufacturer. Using mostly Perkins engines and Baudouin engines in their generators, the UK made diesel generators are amongst the finest globally.


Cummins power generator
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Cummins aka Cummins Power Systems are world leaders in the manufacture of Power Generation equipment. Cummins founded in the USA in 1918 has been a leading company in relation to the design and innovation of the modern direct injection engine for the last 100 years.


Kohler have been producing diesel generators since 1920, firstly introducing the standby generator to rural America.


Generac were the first manufacturers to engineer affordable home standby diesel generators. They claim to be the biggest supplier of home backup generators. Their range is available in a plethora of sizes from small portable to residential up to industrial sizes.


This company has a global presence selling a range of diesel generators along with other pieces of equipment such as fork lifts and lighting towers. They use predominantly Perkins and MTU engines in their diesel and gas powered generator sets.

MTU On Site Energy

MTU On Site Energy is a Rolls Royce Power Systems company, with over 100 years of history. Their range of generators feature models up to 4000 kVA in size.


Olympian are a sub brand of CAT. Olympian is considered a value brand of the premium CAT brand, whereby it is offered by their dealers as a lower priced, simpler, yet quality product.


Visa are a leading Italian company that have been present in the market since 1960. “Onis Visa” gensets range from 9kVA up to 3000kVA.


JCB have been a manufacturer of construction equipment since the 1940s, a prime example of a success story. Whilst their product range is very varied, with the front end loader being perhaps their most famous product, they do also manufacture a range of diesel generators.


The company, part of the Yanmar Group, design and manfacture power generation equipment, lighting towers and control panels. These are manufactured in 8 factories based all around the world, plus 11 subsidiaries, supplying a global network of over 130 distributors.

Noor Generator Technology

The company is UAE based manufacturers of the Bahmani Group. They are one of the fastest growing manufacturers supplying the Middle East and Africa with their range of Perkins Diesel Power Generators.


Mikano is a large assembler of Power Generating sets in Nigeria. Mikano sets use Perkins and Stamford/MeccAlte alternators from the UK and MTU engines from Germany for sets over 300kVA.


TEKSAN power generator
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This company is a major Turkish manufacturer of generator sets and lighting towers. They offer their range with a choice of engine manufacturer, including Perkins, Scania, Baudouin, Mitsubishi and Doosan.


Aksa are Turkish manufacturers of Power Generation equipment. Their factory is an impressive 100,000m2 in size, securing itself as one of the largest generator manufacturers in the world, producing in the region of 25000 generators annually.


This is a French manufacturer of diesel generators who are a sister company of Kohler, manufacturing a wide range of portable generating sets and welding equipment and water pumps. Their sets use a range of Kohler engines along with Doosan, Volvo, Mitsubishi and John Deere engines in their range


These Portugese manufacturers of diesel generators using Perkins and Iveco engines. They adopted a company strategy in 2013 to establish itself as one of the leading companies in Africa.


When it comes to summarising the world leading generator brands, the common theme apparent is the engine and alternator in use. For engine most manufacturers offer either Perkins or Cummins engines, with Volvo, John Deere and Mitsubishi as often available alternatives. These engines are frequently coupled to one of Stamford, Meccalte or Leroy Somer alternators.

Each generator manufacturer has a different style, most commonly identifiable by a unique brand colour.