Top 5 Free Entrepreneurship E-Courses on Udemy

I love freebies, especially when it comes to business learning resources. Well, are you looking for some recommendations on entrepreneurship? If so, here are 5 free entrepreneurship e-courses you can’t afford to miss!

free entrepreneurship courses

Rather than taking a formal class (I’ve had enough!) I enjoy learning at my own pace. Online IT courses, business courses and other online courses can offer me just that, and one of the go-to sites for me is Udemy.

Udemy has been a great learning resource for me. I personally haven’t purchased any courses, but I know what I should expect from them – the free courses I have taken so far are great learning resources!

If you are starting up, I would like to recommend you 5 of many free courses available at Udemy – here they are:

1. An Entrepreneur’s Checklist by Steve Blank

This course is dated back in 2009, but it’s still very much relevant today. Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur, shares what’s important in starting up – the market, the competition and the tech breakthroughs impacting your startup.

There are 6 lectures in the course, and it has been taken by more than 20,000 students. The raving reviews can tell you that although it’s not as deep as a few people have thought, the course helps business owners to stay on track in their entrepreneurial journey.

2. Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012 by Eric Ries

A great collection of videos and presentations from the Lean Startup event at SXSW Interactive 2012 Eric Ries, the Lean Startup guru, along with the other entrepreneurs and experts, such as Steve Blank, Scott Cook, Ash Maurya, and many more.

There are a valuable set of 18 lectures, from which you can learn everything you need to know about launching a startup quickly with less startup costs adopting the principles of Lean Startup. 20,000 students list is a no joke!

If you are interested in digging deeper into the core of Lean Startup, learn from the “Godfather of Lean Startup” himself, Eric Ries. It’s not free (priced at $150) but it’s a worthy investment – The Lean Startup course »

3. The 21 Golden Rules by Jason Nazar

If you are interested in starting your own business but don’t know where to start, I recommend you to start with this course. The free course is presented by Jason Nazar, the CEO of Docstoc, teaching you entrepreneurship based on his very own entrepreneurial career, from choosing the right ideas to grow the startup.

There are 23 lectures, mostly in the form of videos. What I like about this course is the practical nature of the tips, presented in short and straightforward way. So, let’s say that those are easy to digest.

4. Kickstarter Equation: 6 Elements to a Kickass Kickstarter by Senor Slava Menn

Want to take your big idea to the highly popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, and actually get it lauched? Learn from someone behind a successful Kickstarter project, Senor Slava Menn.

Slava (and Brad) launched Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries on Kickstarter – and found success with the platform, getting $85,000 in funding, way over the goal of $18,000.

The course’s 8 lectures can show you the basics on how to improve the success rate of your Kickstarter project.

5. Raising Startup Capital by General Assembly

Raising money is probably the hottest issue in entrepreneurship. It’s pretty simple, really – funding can help your business grow.

The 11-lecture course can give you the basics you need to learn about raising money for your startup – the accelerator option, funding rounds, valuation, crowdfunding, and many more – including how partnering with the right investors can influence your business overall growth.


Most of the times, starting up, what you really need is imagination and your passion to make it work. There are so many resources that can help you kick-start a great business venture – and many of those are available for free.

Other than the 5 I recommend above, there are actually so many free courses you can get from Udemy. To get the courses, all you need to invest is your time – and your willingness to learn.

So – what’s your favourite free entrepreneurship course from Udemy?