Thinking of Studying Public Administration – Here is Why You Should

You may have been considering your study options and come across public administration. The name might not be the most inviting, but if you dig a little deeper, you will find there are a lot of benefits to studying for this degree.

If you are looking to prepare yourself for a varied and rewarding career, then public administration is an excellent option. So, what are the details you should know about?

Studying public administration

What Is Public Administration?

Public administration is a term that is used to refer to both the way government policy is implemented and the field of study that relates to this.

People who choose this path of study often do so because they want to help people, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) can help students do this in a number of different career roles.

The central part of public administration is allowing public bodies to function better, so there is a wide scope to these courses and lots of different learning opportunities.

Key Learning Outcomes

This is a varied and constantly evolving field, but most courses will be centered around certain key learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are highly transferable skills, so they can prepare students for extremely diverse careers.


Ethics are a fundamental part of public administration. It is not just about making decisions that benefit the institution you work for, it is about making decisions that benefit your communities, and ethics will play a big role in this.


One of the most important learning outcomes from a public administration degree is leadership. Every institution needs people who are capable of leading it in the right direction, and these skills are vital to a career in any industry.

Policy Implementation

It is one thing coming up with policies, but it is another thing to be able to implement them efficiently. This course is not just about what and why, but it is also focused on how.

Program Management

It takes constant oversight to ensure policies are being enacted efficiently. This is where the program management element of public administration comes in. Again, this is something that is important in any industry and prepares students for any number of jobs.

Learning for a degree

Career Opportunities

These skills are in high demand no matter what industry you are looking at getting into.

Here are some of the most common career paths graduates of public administration pursue:

  • Political scientists
  • Urban planners
  • Social and community service managers
  • Nonprofit administrators

While a public administration degree is perfectly adapted for these career paths, graduates tend to end up in very varied positions because the skills taught in this degree are so fundamental.

Why Study Public Administration?

When you invest in your education, you are investing in your skills. One of the great things about public administration is that you are investing in a skill set that is extremely useful no matter what career you choose to pursue.

The leadership qualities, ethical awareness, and management skills you develop help you to become a well-rounded employee, and that is exactly what employers are looking for.