The Ultimate Visual Guide to Entrepreneurship

How come I missed it!? It’s too much, really! Man, I just discovered the update from It’s about yet another cool Kickstarter project – this time in a topic I love so much: Entrepreneurship. You gotta check this project: Becoming an Entrepreneur – an upcoming visual guide by Funders and Founders.

entrepreneurship visual guide

Why visual guide rocks

You know what, I love infographics – for many reasons. I like (most of) their fancy design; I can learn faster about something; and so on. I even launched a site helping visitors to learn about a challenging topic via infographics.

And here it is right there: A crowdfunding project to launch an entrepreneurship book full of infographics. The project is launched by Anna Vital, the Co-founder of Funders and Founders, a site connecting startups with capital.

It’s a project with a simple-but-noble vision: To help everybody learn about entrepreneurship better with the help of infographics.

As we know it, humans learn faster via images. I personally love numbers and graphs, but I also enjoy data visualization; visualized data can help me get the gist of the numbers and figures I see, and it tends to make the facts and stats stick in my memory.

What’s inside the guide?

What’s inside the book? An insightful 200 pages of information, containing 50 infographics that visualizes data from more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, who share their experiences going from nothing but a great idea to a billion-dollar business.

Here’s one of Funders and Founders’ infographics that we have actually talk about in a blog post some moment ago.

Check out their Kickstarter pitch:

What the funds are for?

The project has a $100,000 funding goal. When it’s successful, the funds will be used to launch the book to the general public in various forms, in print, iBook or Kindle version. The funds will also be used to hire a designer and editor to make the book cooler.

Of course, the portion of the funds will also be used to support their work in research and data collection – mostly done by interviews with both entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are interested in supporting the project (and get your well-deserved rewards!) go to the Kickstarter project page.

While you are waiting…

Not trying to compete with Funders and Founders’ project, but here’s my very own set of infographics that can help you learn a great deal about entrepreneurship – via infographics:

Pretty cool, eh? You ain’t seen nothing yet – when “Becoming an Entrepreneur” is finally launched, expect way cooler resources coming your way!


If you can’t stand reading pages of books (like me,) don’t let that stop you from learning entrepreneurship! There are other alternatives, such as manifestos, videos and… infographics!

With regard to the latter, it’s probably the most interesting one… how so? Well, in only 30 seconds to 2 minutes, you can get plenty of “fun facts” regarding a particular topic – and those facts tend to stick in your mind because they are presented visually.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is an interesting Kickstarter project. The book caters a niche, and I’m sure it will get plenty of buzz due to the nature of the infographics – potentially viral, link baiting, and buzz making. Add to those inspirational stories from real entrepreneurs, I think you should support the project.

So – what do you think? Will you support the project?