The Startup Kids: What is It Like Being a Young Web Entrepreneur?

“This is the most manic depressive way you could possibly live life. You’re never having a good day. You’re either having the best day ever, or you are thinking you are about to die.”
– Sam Lessin, Founder of, about being an entrepreneur

entrepreneurship movie

There is a much-anticipated movie in March 2013, and I am looking forward for the premiere – online. It’s a fascinating documentary about some of US and Europe’s finest young web entrepreneurs – an inspiring project called The Startup Kids.

The documentary movie lets you peek inside the mind of creative and daring entrepreneurs. Popular web entrepreneurs joined as interviewees, such as Trip Adler of Scribd, Leah Culver of Grove, Drew Houston of Dropbox, Zach Klein of Vimeo, and Brian Wong of Kiip.

Watch the trailer and get inspired:

Wow, I mean, wow! Those guys make entrepreneurship seems so much fun. Well, it IS fun – and challenging – and rewarding – if you have the same drive and passion as the young entrepreneurs.

Just from the trailer, we can learn that successful web entrepreneurs are those who embrace risks and changes. They sacrifice a lot of their personal life – including their relationships – for the grander purpose; not many are willing to do that, for sure.

They also a group of people who are willing to put their back against the wall on regular basis, pursuing their dreams like there’s no tomorrow. “Not looking back” seems to be their overall motto.

My favorite statement from the video (about entrepreneurship): “It’s like jumping off a cliff and having to build your own parachute.” Woo!

Who’s who behind The Startup Kids

The Startup Kids is the brainchild of two young Icelandic entrepreneurs, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, who founded their first startup during Iceland’s economic woes – and thrive. The Startup Kids comes after their first startup – a successful board game production company.

The purpose of The Startup Kids is simple, yet noble: To inspire budding entrepreneurs to take action in turning their dream into reality.

Initially launched as a Kickstarter project back in 2011, The Startup Kids successfully raised $23,573 – well over the funding target of $7,000.

Here’s the Kickstarter video which has won many project backers:

The cool girls are now working on a cool mobile app, KinWins, which allows you to be more productive by gamifying your life.


I’m always interested in what entrepreneurs have got to say when they are asked open questions, like “what do you do?” or “what is entrepreneurship to you?”

I love to see how their passion oozes through their enthusiastic words; their facial expression; their sparkling eyes… their opinion and body language are motivational and inspirational for me.

Those are the reasons why I am anticipating the video so much and I would recommend to log on to The Startup Kids and sign up to get notified when the movie is finally available online.

Meanwhile, The Startup Kids are currently doing screening across Europe – go to their blog for the screening events.

So – see you in March!