The Social Video Starter Guide (Infographic)

Is your business creating and sharing social video content? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build your online brand.

Video has changed the way people consume online content. By 2017, it’s expected that 67 percent of consumer web traffic will be video traffic! This is why it’s important for brands to create a social video marketing strategy that will attract customers and build loyal fans.

Social video infographic cover

If you’re new to social video marketing, there are a few things you should know. Here are four tips to help you get started with creating a social video marketing strategy:

1. Choose the right platform for your audience.

There are dozens of video publishing platforms, however, the most popular ones include YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram. Depending on the goal of your video content strategy, you’ll want to choose a platform that will reach the largest portion of your audience and attract them to your content.

2. Don’t hesitate to be creative.

Social videos are a great way to showcase your brand’s creativity. Create videos that are entertaining and humorous, while also showing off what your brand has to offer.

3. Engage with your followers.

One of the greatest benefits of using social video is the opportunity to interact with customers. Consider using YouTube or Google Hangouts to publish or record interviews with customers. This will give your brand a more genuine online voice and build stronger relationships with your followers.

4. Connect your videos with other social networks.

The best part of about social video is the ability to incorporate it with your other social media marketing campaigns. For example, you can use Instagram to publish promotional videos that can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook. This is a great way to increase your social reach when creating videos.

As you can tell, social videos can be a fun and interactive way for brands to engage their customers. To learn more about the power of social video, check out the infographic below:

The Social Video Starter Guide Infographic