The Best Workplace in the World

No, this post is not about the geographical location of the best workplace in the world; instead, this post is about 5 of the best workplace types in the world. And yes, it’s worth reading 🙂

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Today, technology enables us to be more mobile and productive. We are no longer need to setup an office on a business park to run our business. Instead, you can now run a reputable business without the costs of maintaining a full-fledged office.

Especially great for independent business owners, here are top locations for running your business – with or without employees.

Here they go:

1. Home office

My personal favourite; why? It’s because I actually work at home from my home office!

A home office can boost your productivity by twofold. Why? It’s less distraction; it’s comfortable working in your very own environment.

Of course, there’s a catch: It can backfire if your home office is in your living room or bed room – it’s counter-productive and you won’t be able to escape work.

My best advice is to setup a separate space for your office in your home, with proper rule on when you can be distracted and off-limit during busy hours.

What’s more, a separate home office space will actually allow you to have a number of employees working in the office without mixing your office space with personal space.

2. Shared office

I’m interested in the concept of shared office; you actually share your space with other business people and companies. This creates a unique, vibrant work environment – great for networking and building relationships.

Some reputable shared office companies offers regular get-together events for shared office clients, either for fun or for professional growth – events, seminars, and so on.

Cost-wise, it’s cheaper than running your own office; privacy could be an issue though – private meetings need to be arranged, as it’s relatively difficult to have those in shared office.

3. Virtual office

Classic, but can work wonder; if you want company image and convenience, virtual office is your best option.

Typically located in business district, your will have an office address which shouts “reputable.” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.

Not only prime location, your virtual office can give you well-trained receptionists who will handle calls and direct them to your line in professional manner.

You can use your virtual office for a certain number of hours a week – which can be very efficient and effective (you won’t do long meetings every day, will you?) – especially when you need a place for your clients to visit and have a business talk with you.

And again, cost-wise, it’s cheaper than running your own office, especiallyif you want your office in business district.

4. Coffee shop

Typically freelancers’ favourite, it’s now becoming a more common place for an independent business owner to run her business.

Coffee shop obviously sells coffee, but it also offers you high-speed Internet access. If your business can be run online, coffee shop is the best place in term of costs and environment.

For the cost of cuppa coffee and snacks, you can run your business – and have a productive meeting with your clients in a coffee shop. Offering a vibrant environment, coffee shops can help you get your creative juice flowing.

5. Vacation spots

In today’s mobile and cloud age, it’s easy to work whenever, wherever you are. There are apps and solutions which enables you to work on vacation spots, running your boundless business with your team members located in different countries.

Project collaboration tools, private social networking tools, web-based office tools (online telephony, fax, document signing, and so on…) – those can get things done in efficient and effective manners.


Working in a cubicle is no longer interesting; large offices still have their appeal, but they are losing their effectiveness in keeping employees happy (i.e. Working for Google is cool, but working for Google AT HOME is way cooler!)

Ivan Widjaya

Photo credit: Lisa Risager