The Best Vehicles for Manual Labour Jobs

Running your own business or working for a small labouring company will often require one or more vehicles for a range of different purposes. From driving employees to work to providing cheap advertising space, choosing a vehicle that will generate maximum efficiency can involve plenty of thought.

Depending on the industry certain models will be more appropriate and useful than others. Decide what you require from a work vehicle and which elements are most important to helping your business succeed. Such considerations before buying or hiring a vehicle will ensure you’re not left disappointed.

Pick up truck

Pick-Up Trucks

Synonymous with hillbillies and those living in southern America, pick-up trucks actually present an extremely handy option for many manual labour jobs. The open cargo area on the back is great for storing all manner of tools with the lack of roof providing ample room for large items.
This does mean in poor weather any equipment will get wet but at least the closed cabin keeps the driver and passengers dry. Many modern versions exist with much more contemporary designs, improved fuel efficiency and performance. Lease Van have a range for contract hire and lease, making them affordable for even the newest of companies.

Panel Vans

Medium to large vans without any windows are ideal for many labour based businesses. Transporting goods of varying sizes is one suitable option, while the lack of windows means tools and other equipment can be left in the van throughout the day with minimal risk of a break-in. You still need an insurance though, such as van insurance provided by one sure insurance.

Panel vans also offer a lot of space on the front, back and sides for advertising. The van will be spotted thousands of times a day, when driving on the road but also when parked up during a job. The cost of applying some branding will work out far cheaper than paying for separate advertising.


For independent gardeners, painters and decorators and more, a motorcycle is unhelpful as there’s little room to store equipment. However, if you work for a larger firm or one that only requires a few tools it can be a fantastic investment.

The costs are much lower than for running a car or van, from fuel to insurance, which will especially help new businesses keep their finances in order. They also allow getting from one job to another at a much quicker speed, useful for emergency plumbers, electricians and other busy tradesmen. Depending on how many people work together and what the line of business, one of these options will be best for your next vehicle.