Stop Your Rants – Please!

In my opinion, there is no other power as disruptive to your business as ranting. It’s tempting to rant, especially when you feel that you have every right to do so. “The economy sucks…” “the Gov’t sucks…” “the market sucks…” and so on… While there’s nothing wrong in opinions, rants will only impact you – and the people around you – in negative ways; it’s that obvious.

keep calm and stop ranting

Before you know it, you are slowly being surrounded by those who think alike. Then not only your business, but also your life will be surrounded by negative people; those who love to rants and think that the world is injustice; think that everything is glass half-empty; think that it’s time to boycott; think that it’s time to persuade other small business people to join all the negativity.

Do you know what in trends right now? Online ranting. Its growing popularity is overwhelming. Have you read someone’s Facebook status updates which are filled with rants? I have and it sucks. I just block that person because it causes negative moods. Indeed, according to a research, reading rants and posting them can bring on negative mood shifts.

Business is challenging right now, but ranting is simply a wrong attitude

Do you think that ranting solves problem. No. Well, venting your anger will give you a (false) sense of relief. But it in fact will cause you to be more angry and aggressive in the near future.

Also, do you think that ranting won’t impact others? Well, it’s as damaging to others as it is to you. When your employees hear you rant, they will be impacted by your rants. When your investors hear you rant, they will think you are incompetent in taking a good care of their investment.

The bottom line: You’ve got to stop ranting… or else, you will bring your whole business down with your rants.

I understand that it’s often difficult to be positive about your business (and life.) But you HAVE to pursue it. Why? Well, unless you want to be a failure in your life, you need to be positive to attract success.

In other words, no success is attracted by being negative.

When you are positive, you are becoming optimistic; when you are optimistic, you will find opportunities sooner or later. When opportunities eventually come, be sure you are ready to take ’em, otherwise it’s all useless.

How to stop my rants?

I have no background in psychology, so I can’t give you any professional advices. But I am a big believer in “you are what you say you are.”

If you said “Everything is so wrong,” then you make yourself believe that, well, everything is so wrong. On the other hand, if you say “I can do that,” then you tell your body and soul to get ready. Why? Because you are going to make things happen.

Instead of venting your rants on everyone else make matters worse, it’s better to focus on finding a solution to the problem – and attack the problem – not spreading negativity everywhere. Obviously, it will do no good.

“Economic situation sucks” – well, whether you like it or not, it happens. As a business owner, you should focus on surviving, not giving bad vibes to everybody by ranting; it won’t solve problems!

“My client sucks” – well, just take action: If you don’t like him, just fire him (in the right way.) If you still want his business, stop ranting and start focusing on things that can make the business relationship works.

“Google sucks” – well, why don’t you focus on the problems you have with your website; chances are, you have your fair share of mistakes. Remember, when you point a finger on someone, the other four fingers are pointing to you. Think about it.


I know – it’s not easy. That’s why I try to put my belief into practice in business and life as much as I can. Just in case you are wondering, I am a Christian. I believe in God and I have seen in my life miracles after miracles.

I don’t know who you trust must in your life, and this blog post is not preaching you about Christianity. But one thing for sure, when you need bad attitudes transformed, you need more than yourself. That’s why I don’t believe in “believe in yourself.” I believe in “believe in God who can make me do extraordinary things.”

So, stop ranting, and start taking real action. Be resilient and be active in seeking solutions and finding opportunities. Don’t wait – be proactive. Before you know it, you will become someone who makes people surrounding you to be better. Isn’t that worth pursuing?

Ivan Widjaya