Print Marketing Isn’t Dead

While the world of the internet keeps expanding and new opportunities for digital advertising seem to appear daily, print advertisement is still one of the strongest forms of advertising for both startup and established businesses. While print marketing may not look the same as it did 20 years ago, the practice is thriving and changing to accommodate a rapidly changing business world. Read on to find three reasons why you should consider paper marketing.

It’s Tangible

A mailed advertisement. A page in a magazine. A spread in the paper. A business card. All forms of print advertising share the same tangibility. Because these advertisements are something customers can engage with using all their senses, instead of just visual, print adverts are retained in the memory better and are more effective in making a lasting impression. The physicality of print advertisement demands interaction, and the better designed your print advertisements are, the more effective they will be. And just because it’s a physical advertisement doesn’t mean it has to break your budget. Services like Printastic let you create print advertisement in a professional, cost-effective manner.

It Pushes Your Design and Brand

Creatively-designed business cards
photo credit: BlackWarrior57 / Flickr

Can your brand and design aesthetic take the switch from digital to print? The sign of a truly strong design is its universal appeal—that it would look just as good on paper as it does digitally. Strong printed design takes more work to develop than digital design. Due to advances in print technology, like custom die cutting and affordable color printing, it’s easier than ever to make your print advertisements really stand out.

Original and uniquely designed print adverts also increase the memorable factor—you just can’t hold customers’ interest as well with a flat web page as you can with a cleverly designed print ad. This is especially true for business cards—using a beautiful, quirky, or unusual business card design can get you a lot farther than the typical white cardstock.

Material Marketing Works

Pens, magnets, koozies, coasters, pencils, stress balls, emery boards—you name it, and there’s a way to turn it into an advertisement that people will want to keep around. These little adverts are cheap to make, and do a lot of the work for you. How often have you borrowed a pen and it ended up being emblazoned with the name of a business?

Material marketing not only gets people interested, because everyone loves free things, but it also provides a way of getting your name around with minimal legwork involved. The design factor previously discussed also plays in big here. While many of the material marketing materials aren’t large enough for a big design, the minimalist approach requires just as much attention to detail. Simply slapping your business name on a pen won’t get as much positive attention as a clever or elegant design.

Print marketing has been thriving, just in different ways than it traditionally had. Whether you’re looking to go completely print or a mix of print and digital, it’s a medium well worth exploring, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.