7 Offline Marketing Tactics You Haven’t Used Before

If you’re looking for some inspiration to try a new marketing technique, then here are seven offline marketing tactics that you may not have used before.

Local business expo
photo credit: North Charleston / Flickr

Exhibit at a local show

Taking your brand out and about to local shows can help to increase brand awareness and sales for your business. Make sure that your display fits your brand style and focus on one key theme.

After all – you may not want to take everything you have to the show! Maybe stick to your best sellers to make sure you have enough stock, but be prepared to talk about your other products if asked.

Create long-lasting displays that have your brand name and key messages to draw in people from afar. Online suppliers such as Marler Haley can help with design if you’re unsure what would look nice.


Whether you wish to raise awareness of your latest offer or a new product, leaflets are a great way of letting your customers know about them.

Why not pop in a leaflet into the customer’s latest order to let them know about it? This can help to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Outdoor advertising

From billboards to railing posts, there are a number of places that you can advertise outdoors to draw more attention to your business and build brand awareness. Check with local authorities if you’re looking to advertise on railings before adding your displays as there could be costs.

Loyalty scheme

Want your customers to keep coming back? Create a loyalty scheme where customers can work toward either a discount or free prize at the end. This helps people to become more invested in your brand as opposed to your competitors if they are working toward something! Cards can be created fairly inexpensively using business cards.


Direct mail

Snail mail may be old fashioned and more expensive than sending an email, but it’s more likely to be opened – especially if you have something good inside.

Think about who you could send mail to in order to engage with them. This could work particularly well to re-engage with your current audience to let them know about your latest offers or maybe even to invite them to a VIP event.

Speak at events

If you have a local business event coming up, see if there’s an opportunity to speak about your business at it.

Having your name (and your brand) in shining lights can help increase your authority and awareness of your brand. If you’re seen as the person to go to on that topic, then it can really help grow your business and reputation.

Send out Christmas cards

Sending out a simple Christmas card to your customers can help them feel valued – of course, if you put a small token gift inside then they’re even more likely to continue to support your business! It helps to show that you’re not just after their business but that you care about them and your ongoing relationship.