Marketing Tips for New and Emerging Fashion Brands

With so many new and emerging fashion brands on the market today, it’s important to find ways to stand out in order to grow your customer base. Luckily, there’s a number of marketing strategies that work perfectly for those in the fashion industry. Here’s a list of marketing tips and tricks you should use to help reach your target markets.

Fashion brand marketing

Create a fashion-related newsletter

The newsletter should feature information about the products that you’re fashion brand sells as well as any information about upcoming events. Additionally, there should be fashion news and trend spotlights to help inspire your clientele.

Make sure you have a strong social media presence, especially on sites that are geared towards fashion

While it’s important to have a strong social media presence across all of the prominent social media platforms, it’s especially important to focus on ones that are geared toward fashion and style. Sites like Polyvore allows a fashion brand not only showcase their products, but also show off the personal style of those that work for the company. You can also interact and network with fashion tastemakers in your industry.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, host a meet and greet with valued customers as well as fashion bloggers

Hosting an event at your boutique or store is a great way for your customers to form a personal connection with your brand. Additionally, if you invite fashion bloggers and vloggers to your event, you can get some much needed internet exposure.

Discount coupon

You should employ gamification by providing customers with a discount or loyalty card

When you provide a loyalty card that rewards your client for visiting your store. This will inspire regular purchases and create excitement around winning discounts.

Feature a blog on your website that covers a broad range of fashion topics

By covering stories such as what outfits are best for a first date or what makeup trends pair best with certain clothing options you can engage with your customer base on a more personal level.

And for those who are new to the fashion industry, it may benefit you to research veteran fashion brands such as Ann Taylor at