Losing Your Licence? You Need to Start Planning

You might have expert skills managing your business, but other elements in your life could be a train wreck. One area of example involves driving: It’s not that you’re a bad driver, but if you have a lot of problems with speeding tickets and other driving offenses, your business car insurance agent might be busy settling your claims throughout the year. Eventually, you could face a driving ban, which will hurt your business.

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How to Face a Driving Ban

You can stop a driving ban for some scenarios, but other circumstances leave little room for anything other than a ban. Never assume the courts will take pity on you just because you demonstrated how the ban will negatively affect your life. In fact, driving bans are intended to punish. You’re supposed to endure hardship because you have committed some kind of offense. Even facing severe hardship might not be enough to lift the ban, which is why those facing prosecution should seek out legal assistance. Representing yourself when you don’t understand the law can lead to harsher punishment.

Don’t Waste the Court’s Time

Going into court unprepared without an attorney only shows them how you do not take it seriously. A licensed attorney can reduce the ban or even cancel it through highly specific legal criteria. You have to be aware of these laws, and a licensed attorney will have the best hope of succeeding. Even if your job depends on having a license, you have to understand how these bans are intended to punish.

A good legal representative can explain your unique circumstance better because they have dealt with these cases before, and they can help you to retain your driver’s license. He or she can raise these concerns in a persuasive manner to help you as much as possible.

Clean Driving Record: Will It Help?

A previously clean driving record can go a long way to help you, but some offenses like drunk driving can carry a mandatory disqualification of those considerations. Beware, even refusing a breathalyzer test can equate to having your driver’s license revoked. Before a DUI conviction, your best bet will be to hire a qualified drink driving lawyer who can make the most of your circumstances. Even if you are going to be banned, your lawyer may find a loophole or convince a judge to shorten the ban.

Courts examine each case individually, and if you demonstrate remorse and you are willing to take a drink-driving awareness course, you can sometimes reduce a ban from 12 months to nine months.

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Getting Your License Back Early: Possible?

Bans of under two years mean you cannot get your license back early—you will have to wait it out. If, however, your judge handed you a ban of greater than two years but less than five years, you can apply to have your license reinstated after two years. When the ban lasts between five to 10 years, you can apply after half your time has been served. For example, you can apply after five years if your ban was for 10 years.

How to Address Losing Your License

When you face a driving ban, you should plan for the worst ahead of time. Business owners who experience this will have a hard time delivering their products if they do not live in an area with public transportation. In some cases, the courts do take this into consideration based on how much alcohol was found in your Blood Alcohol Content and other factors, where you might receive a “limited license.” It serves as a work permit to allow you to operate your vehicle for a set period of time. However, sometimes the limited license still does not permit you to deliver around town.

Business Car Insurance: Affected by a Ban?

Even if you can still drive your car with a “limited license,” you need to have business car insurance. It’s essential to driving, but more expensive even without traffic convictions because you have been deemed a higher risk for driving longer hours and in heavier traffic. Also, you’re more likely to drive on unfamiliar roads, which increases your chances of a claim. A DUI conviction can raise your rates by 63.47 percent.

It might be tempting to lie and tell the insurance company you do not use your car for business. However, in the event of a car accident, the company will clarify what the vehicle was used for, and it can end up costing you twice as much—not worth it. Business car insurance has different classes. Research can help you save extra cash.

In some cases, you might be better off hiring a driver to get around the driving ban. If a large part of your business depends on deliveries and you cannot drive for a period of time, that downtime can bring down your whole business. You can still make a profit even after hiring a driver to do the deliveries and your money continues to flow.