Link building tips: How to Create Viral Social Media Content

When it comes to link building, one of the easiest ways to land quality links is creating viral content. A viral piece of content is one that your audience will pick up and willingly share with their networks. It becomes viral when hundreds of people you are not directly connected to share and talk about it. Your viral content can be clever infographics, videos or blog posts, but how do you create them? Here is what you need to do.

viral content creation

The content should be entertaining

You may be waiting for one of your everyday pieces of content to quickly go viral, attracting thousands of old and new customers. However, to create viral content, you need to ensure you bring in emotion and entertainment into the mix from the start. Your focus when creating such content must be on attracting viewers instead of branding. You simply need to decide on the best way to get to the heart of viewers. It may be something extremely funny, sad, shocking etc. Focus on emotion and emotional impact when creating your viral content.

Keep an eagle eye on quality

Most content that become viral online generally has some value to offer. People are more likely to share your content naturally if they feel the content will be of help to other people in their circle. “While creating quality content, give priority to graphics and videos as these get more attention than the average blog post” says Paul, expert at Click Intelligence, a link building service. “If you decide to write text, be sure to use lists, add photos and make it easy for readers to comment” he concludes.

Use keywords

While content created to go viral focuses adding value, you must not forget everyday search marketing techniques. Firstly, you should use captivating headlines that will encourage a reader to click on the content, and, secondly, you should add some keywords to the title and description. While doing this, you need to be sure that you avoid placing too much emphasis on branding and selling. Your target audience will most likely not share your content if they feel you are just bent on using them to expand the reach of your business. Always remember that viral content goes viral because the audience like the content and don’t feel like they have just been sold to after viewing the content.

Make things easy for people that may want to share your content

When it comes to sharing viral content, you are entirely at the mercy of the public. So you need to ensure it is easy for them to get the content onto their social media feeds, websites etc. You can achieve this by having your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest tabs clearly displayed. If you intend to get retweets on Twitter, don’t forget to adjust privacy settings accordingly!