Kick Off Your 2014 Marketing Campaign on The Right Foot

It’s amazing how quickly 2013 has ended. You are probably still reeling from the 2013 Christmas holiday shopping frenzy with consumers snatching up so many of your products that you could barely keep up with the demand.

marketing campaign 2014

Yet now is the time to move forward and think about your 2014 marketing campaign so you enter the new year with stellar sales profits. So dust off your marketing strategies, get the sales analysis from your mobile advertising agencies, and let’s figure out what type of marketing campaign to try out for 2014 so you can build off the positive sales growth.

Figure Out What Worked Out Well Last Year And What Didn’t

This is the biggest step you have to do to create successful marketing strategies for the coming sales year. What part of your marketing strategies worked out well last year as you want to pursue them again this year? What strategies brought back mediocre conversions yet you would like to build on them again during 2014? What strategies failed miserably last year and why did they fail?

Once you have the answers about why your past marketing campaign was a success (or failure), you can hone your strategies to create a workable campaign you can place your time and resources into to make positive sales into the new year.

Get Into The Latest Marketing Trends

Marketing experts have been researching and gathering their data for a reason: to help businesses get on the right track for their future marketing campaigns. So check out what the latest trends will be for 2014 marketing strategies and adjust your own campaign to adopt some, or all, of them until you have a working strategy. Some trends you may want to look into include:

Content Marketing: Blogs and articles are bringing in the marketing leads that can help you make a sale. People want to know more about the business they are purchasing their products from as this can build customer trust and loyalty.

Diverse Social Media Strategies: Don’t just rely on Facebook and Twitter to get your marketing message out to the masses. Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also becoming the go-to social media platforms to start advertising your products.

Smartphone Location-Based Marketing: With more people owning smartphones and carrying them everywhere, targeting these potential buyers based on their location is becoming even more important. Mobile advertising agencies have been using this technique for some time as it will become more popular during 2014. So if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, find a reputable local or national mobile advertising agency, such as Hipcricket, to help you with your mobile marketing strategies.

Don’t Be Afraid To Adapt

One of the hardest things to do is break away from a marketing strategy that has worked in the past — even if it may not be working for you now. Yet if you want to find those leads and convert them into sales, you must have a flexible marketing campaign that changes and adapts to the present circumstances.

If magazine sales and QR code promotions aren’t reaching their projected sales quota, try combining the strategies into one campaign that can be more successful. If you can’t find the time to keep up with social media posting, hire someone in the office to handle the online marketing campaign to stay on top of customer questions and feedback.

Stay on top of your marketing strategy and take the best campaign route to obtain leads that will turn into conversions. You will see success during 2014 as your business brings in sales to expand and grow.

About the Author: Pavlov Witten is a marketing specialist and small business analyst. He likes studying advertising and financial records of small businesses across the US, Mexico and Canada.

Photo credit: David Goehring