Importance of Newspaper Printing and Newspaper

Newspaper is a daily, fortnightly and in some cases a monthly publication, which contains plenty of news material of varied nature. The material contained in newspaper is either in the form of pictures, forms, features, editorials and many more. Everyone knows the importance of newspapers, and what role they play in education, information research and providing knowledge.

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In many formats of newspapers, there is piece of entertainment also. Few pages are restricted for entertainment, and these pages come as a supplement. The pages are printed in monochrome or multi-colored. Another significant fact to understand here about the newspapers is that reading the newspaper is useful in improving literacy levels. In many societies, newspapers form the basis to improve ability of students and those undertaking the training.

Increasing the level of understanding, and more importantly keeping the information on an interesting level, gives the newspaper a value addition in our society. Since the information is collected from various offline and online media of the world, you have variety of information stored in one publication. In this way, new ideas develop, and empowers the thinking. But whatever is included within the newspaper, what really matters out here is – “PRINTING”

Have you really guessed, how a daily newspaper is printed every day and it comes to your coffee table? What goes behind printing of a newspaper? How effective is the newspaper printing?

Newspaper Printing

In the modern world, the process of printing a newspaper has changed and all such changes have come as the result of digitization. Traditionally, the newspapers were printed on blocks, but today, there are digital printers, which have already made the headway into newspaper printing.

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Web Offset Process in Printing

Modern presses have capabilities of printing color and monochrome pages. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Color are used to print the single side of paper web. There is a separate four printing units, which are applied on to the backside of the print and imprinted straight on to the paper web. Printing on the frontside as well as on the back of the newsprint is now possible easily, and bypasses the otherwise laborious process.

The artwork is pressed by means of laser onto aluminium printing plates. Later these colours are printed straight to the running web of paper, following a sequence – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which finally results into the formation of full colour image.

Digital Newspaper Printing

Digital printing processes incorporated today are capable of printing instantaneously the blanket-to-blanket-configuration or one after another, with the satellite configuration method. The unique digital process allows printing of several pages in minutes. With the digital printing process incorporated in newspapers, it has become easy to print hundreds of copies of magazines, tabloids and other formats.

Finally, you have become aware on how the entire process of newspaper printing takes on in the normal days. It is also evident what really takes to print a newspaper. Make yourself ready every morning and evening to read the information and news, around which you make your opinion.