How to inspire others even if you are nobody

You don’t have to be Tony Robbins or any other famous motivators to inspire others! Just share your success and let your words speak by themselves.


Well, you know what, I never really want to be a famous person. To me, success is not measured by fame or money. It’s better for me to establish a business and let it have all the glory and honor. Me? I just want to keep myself away. I don’t like the limelight; I just want to do my thing and do what matter most to me.

Success is measured by how much you impact your community. When you heard about “community,” you always think that you need to be a public figure to get yourself heard. While in many case it’s true, it’s not a prerequisite.

Yes, you can inspire others in your “local” community: Your cliques; your neighbours; your children; your parents; your staffs; your business partners; and so on.

Of course, “nobody” is a harsh word (the title grabs your attention, doesn’t it? ) You are always a “somebody.” You are always important to God and your loved ones. What I mean is actually this: How can you inspire people, even when you are, according to the measurement of this world, just an average person?

Learn from nobody #1: Me!

Well, I am practically nobody in the business world. I didn’t establish a multi-million dollar company. I didn’t write bestselling books. I am not famous. I am just someone who makes a living online.

But I believe I have helped some people to start a business or improve their business. How? By being positive and by being… me.

Did you know my bragging right? Here it goes:

“I failed miserably in franchising and I decide to make money online because it costs me nothing to start up. I stay out of trouble and now I am location independent and support my family entirely from my online income.”

I once the owner of 2 franchise units of once the local leader in business services. The first one was a success so I move on to start the second one. I thought franchising is easy. I was wrong.

The second location was a disaster. The market is weak. The management sucks. I know nothing about business, yet I purchase franchise units just because I think I can “borrow” the franchisor’s expertise. In a sense, I was practically borrowed the expertise, but not to a level that the proven system, by itself, can guarantee success.

To cut long story short, I end up selling the first one and close the second one. A disaster, indeed – personally and professionally.

Then, I discovered my true passion: Website building and web publishing. I don’t like to write (even today,) but I love to share my thoughts (so pardon my rather poorly-written posts, some typo and grammar woes…) So, a new business venture takes off…

Today, I am location independent – I can work from home or from any vacation spots you can think of, as long as they have Internet Access. I don’t even need my laptop to go with me if I want to. And yes, I support my family 100% from online income.

Indeed, I am proud that I fail miserably in my previous business. I am, in fact, grateful that I failed… because I learn a great deal from my failures and I can share what it like to fail and give you tips on how to keep your head up and keep on trying on new things until you succeed – from a first hand experience.

Kudos to these “average guys” for inspiring me

Thanks Mr. Louis C. for teaching me about Internet marketing and introduces me to some of many profitable online business niches. He also helped me kick off my entrepreneurial journey by hiring me to tinker with his business websites – you have supported me financially during my first few months of online entrepreneurship. I can re-invest the payment I receive to establish my online business.

Thanks to Mr. Adrianto H. for letting me to be his apprentice in his business during my early days of entrepreneurship. He taught me that in business, network is the most valuable asset. He also taught me that it’s possible to run a passive income business (he runs dozens of businesses while practicing as a General Practitioner; yes, he is a biz-whizz doctor.)

Thanks to Mr. C. Reed for criticizing me of my online business practices – numerous times – teaching me that online business is not a get rich quick scheme. He also taught me that credibility and integrity should be my focus in dealing with my business.

Also thanks to many others “average guys” I didn’t mentioned…

Want to inspire? Here’s how

As you can see, those “average guys” who inspire me do one thing exceptionally well: They point me to the right direction, asking nothing in return. Doing so, they have changed the course of my personal and business life. And yes, they don’t have to be public figures to make a difference.

So, do you want to be an inspiration to others? It’s no rocket science! Here’s how:

1. Give, ask nothing in return

Your best evangelists are those whose life has been changed because of you. You don’t have to be a rich and famous person to give something to others; you can do so today, even with no money involved… give advice, tips and tricks to others – don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid that you will create a competitor for your business – why? Because competitors will always enter the market in one way or another, with or without your involvement. So, just give and be happy that you have done your part to help others better.

2. Be positive

Rants, whines and such interest some people, but you are basically attracting the wrong kind of people. I don’t know how about you, but I want to surround myself with positive people, so that we can do positive things together.

People have problems; you and I have problems. But that doesn’t mean that sharing your miseries is a good thing. Opinions are great, but if most of them are negative, what benefits you are offering your community?

3. Be real – be yourself

Don’t hide behind your credentials. “Throw” them away and “wear” the real you; be an inspiration because you are you. I am a self-proclaimed “noob” – I learn every skill I use today from zero; I was a total noob. So with one of my blogs,, I can inspire other “noobs” out there to always learn new things and not to afraid to take risks.

4. Take action and tell the world about it

I just did; I told you above that I was a franchising failure. My story is about failing, picking up the pieces and move on. I can inspire you with my failures. How? I can do so by telling you that I take action, failing, and learn from my failures. This way, I can inspire others to do so, too. So, if you want to inspire others, take action and tell your community the outcome, either it’s a failure or success.

So, are you ready to inspire others? Take action. Now.