How to Get Your New Year’s Resolution Past the First Week of January 2013

Okay – let’s face it. Most of us are men of “promises.” Not that we keep our promises well, though… we promises to do many things, yet so little has been achieved, due to one reason or another. Mainly procrastination and lack of passion, the next major cause of your breaking-apart New Year’s resolution is due to the unrealistic goals and the lack of plans you have set to pursue in 2013.

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I consider my New Year’s Resolution as my to-do list. Like many others, I just love to flunk my resolution 🙂 If what’s in my list is too difficult to achieve, I will be too lazy to pursue it.

The bottom line, I need my to-do list consists of achievable, possible goals that can give me the best sense of achievement of all.

Interested to find out more? If so, here are some tips to help you set an achievable New Year’s resolution for your business and get things rolling past the first week of January up until Dec 31st, 2013:

1. Set mini-goals

When it comes to goals, I am a big believer that goals should be aplenty and easy to achieve. Instead of having 5 big goals for 2013, I have dozens – if not hundreds – as I break them up into mini-goals. They can be as simple as “stop blabbering with my blog posts and just get to the point faster” or “stop ranting and criticizing on blogs and social media.”

2. Have action plans

Goals are great, but without action plans you would have difficulties in pursuing them. Have an action plan – a road map – that lists things you need to do to get your goals achieved.

So, following-through the example above, if my goal is to “stop writing useless things on my blog posts,” then my action plans would be “create a bullet point list of what I am going to write about,” “re-read, if things look wrong then just remove it from the post” and so on…

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3. Write ’em down!

“Oh, I remember everything, really!” just don’t work with New Year’s resolution. You need to write them down, as doing so helps your goals and plans stick to your (subconscious) mind; what’s more, written resolution – especially the one you print in large size and stick on the wall of your work space – can act as a reminder for you.

4. Reward yourself for every goal achieved

People love rewards; they have strong motivational value that can keep them run the extra miles. That also works on my case; I enjoy rewarding myself for achieving my goals.

For example, one of my plans for 2013 is to establish a business helping others who don’t have the time and knowledge to start a business blog. To give myself a carrot to chase, I will purchase a gadget in my wishlist (it’s a Galaxy Tab, by the way…) if and only if I have met my targeted revenue. Cool?

5. Stick to your resolution SINCE DAY ONE

“I will do it tomorrow” is poisonous. Saying that could kill your New Year’s resolution slowly… and before you realise it, you have already flunked your resolution… on January 6th… just like 80% others.

Just enjoy your holidays, guys… you deserve it! But once you are ready, be sure to stick to your plan since day one. Just like a car racing event, how you start when the green light is on can make or break the entire race.

So, what’s your plan?

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2013? How are you going to achieve that? Please share yours by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Good luck in sticking to your very own New Year’s resolution!