How to Find the Best Paper Products Supplier

The advent of the internet marked the birth of the digital economy. At the time many technology enthusiasts predicted that this onset would render paper products obsolete. In fact, the opposite has become true.

Paper has withstood the test of time and maintained its place as an integral part of our history and future. The paper industry has successfully braved through economic recessions, global competition, increased raw material costs, high energy costs, environmental regulations and lately the advent of eBooks, Kindles, and Tablets.

Note books

The dramatic revamping of paper products has earned this basic material a right to the title of “most resilient player” amongst the ever-changing ebb and flow of consumer and market needs. The paper and paper-pulp industry have brought forward innovative tech and developed new products that enhance their own productivity and reduce overhead.

Not surprisingly, the demand for paper pulp has grown over the years. Various businesses require paper products for marketing and branding, consumer products, biomaterials, specialty papers, and various health products. One of papers’ strongest assets is its versatility. From the high gloss of a fashion magazine to the excitement of the latest iPhone packaging, paper is not to be overlooked or underestimated. How to find an excellent paper supplier, however, can be more challenging.

Here are some important guidelines to consider when choosing your perfect paper supplier:

Reliability and Consistency

Thanks to the world wide web, verifying various businesses and comparing their reviews and reliability is simple. You will want to look for companies that have a solid reputation specifically in meeting deadlines, supplying an excellent product that is consistent ever time.


As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. It is always great to find a deal, but often a low cost reflects a lower value as well. Do your research on your suppliers. Some important elements to consider are: how long they’ve been in business, their track record, and the quality and consistency of their products. It is also important that the business has sufficient cash flow to fulfill the client order, so checking financial standing for your potential supplier is also important.

Compare Potential Suppliers

In order to shortlist the right paper & paper board supplier, it is a good practice to compare the supplier with others. Look for aspects such as market experience, production process, and on-time delivery. Also, be sure to check if the supplier is actually manufacturing the goods or outsourcing the order to other sub-contractors. In case the supplier is using other sub-contractors you will have little or no control over the quality of your order.

Fancy paper products

Product Offerings

This is one of the most important aspects while selecting a paper product manufacturer and supplier. Check the various product offerings such as finished product – notebooks, pad paper, printing paper, other niche market products like digital printing paper, social books, or raw material such as fluff pulp, containerboard, and folding board box.

Choose the supplier based on their ability to meet your specific needs. The overall quality of the product against the price is paramount.

Ethics of the company

Before finalizing the paper product supplier check the environmental ethics of the company. By leveraging technology in the right manner, the paper industry has made several dramatic improvements in energy usage, resource efficiency, and operational productivity. Technology has led to the innovation of outdated and inefficient facilities and transformed them into world-class environmental friendly operations.

Manufacturers that have chosen to invest in systems that reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and reduce water intake are in a better position to capture their place in the market.

To sum up!

As this industry looks into the future, the paper and paperboard specialists are in a better position to meet the rising demands. Today, we can see that the digital age now works in tandem with paper. Although convenient, the digital economy has brought back the desire to have something tangible again.

Thankfully the paper industry has continued to innovate and match changing times with competence, efficacy and a high ethical standard. A good supplier should possess all three of these essential features.