Hate Reading Business Books? Read These 5 ChangeThis Manifestos, Instead!

I personally don’t like to read. I have a short attention span, and a 100-page book will bore me regardless of the quality. Typically, 10-20 pages of e-book still grab my attention – of course, it must be engaging. That’s why I love to read good blogs. Posts containing short paragraphs, non or semi-formal language and highly opinionated ones are my favorite.

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However, I do have some exceptions with regard to books, printed or digital – it’s called manifestos. There are some manifestos that I just can’t get enough, and my one and only go-to place for them is ChangeThis.

What is ChangeThis?

ChangeThis publishes ideas from thought leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in a form of PDF files called “manifestos” (according to ChangeThis team, a manifesto is “an argument, a reasoned, rational call to action, supported by logic and facts.”)

It’s not well buzzed on the web because many knows about it via words of mouth. However, the manifestos presented inside are stunning: There are those of Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Guy Kawasaki and so on.

The brainchild of ChangeThis is Seth Godin, a best selling author and marketing guru. It was founded in 2004 by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu and Michelle Sriwongtong and was acquired by 800-CEO-READ in 2005. Read more facts about ChangeThis from their FAQ.

If you are wondering what kind of free content you will get from ChangeThis, I do have 5 to recommend you…

5 ChangeThis manifestos that have changed my life

1. The Bootstrapper’s Bible

This is the first manifesto I have read. My sister in law printed this manifesto and gave it to me. Since then, I am falling in love with ChangeThis.

This manifesto is the answer to my prayers. Authored by the mastermind himself, Seth Godin, it basically answer you this question most budding entrepreneurs have in their mind: “How to start a business with no money.”

It’s called a “bible” because, well, it contains everything you want to know about bootstrapping your way to entrepreneurial success.

Thought-provoking sentences, inspiring real-ife examples, and so on – I guarantee Seth will get your full attention.

2. The Micropreneur Manifesto: How to Stay Solo, Bleed Passion, and Build Products that Matter

Rob Walling, a serial micropreneur and author, can show you in his manifesto that while many entrepreneurs want to grow their business to become as large as it could, some entrepreneurs are successful because they keep their businesses small.

Rob explained that micropreneur is a sole proprietor with one characteristic: It is a single company founder who create products for niche markets; someone who is self-motivated, knowledge seeker and stay away from the typical 9-to-5 business/job.

Micropreneurs stay small because the are performing the best by, well, being alone.

Although geared toward entrepreneurs in software industry, the principles are applicable to almost any niches.

3. Personality Poker: How to Create High-Performing Innovation Teams

Stephen Shapiro’s manifesto might not be for everyone, but as I have a team consisting of many personalities in my line of business, this is very interesting to me (event hough I’m not a Poker fan!)

This manifesto is just an introduction to Stephen Shapiro’s grand work, the Personality Poker. The book teaches you on how to create a productive and innovative team by composing one with diverse characters (even contrasting ones) and expertise, as well as assigning the right tasks to the right team members.

I have read the book (comes with a physical deck of “Personality Poker” card) a couple of years ago and I think it’s a great guide for business owners and managers who deal with a diverse, multi-faceted team.

4. The Art of the Start

This is one is a comprehensive preview on Guy Kawasaki’s early masterpiece, the Art of the Start. Mr. Kawasaki, a best-selling author, venture capitalist and entrepreneur, encourages entrepreneurs to make meaning, make mantra and get going with their business.

He also offers practical tips on overcoming your fears in starting up a business. This 34-page manifesto is a must-read – even if you don’t like to read!

5. Rework: A Better, Easier Way To Succeed In Business

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of a successful software company 37signals, co-authored this manifesto to reveal to everyone that the so-called “real world” is just an excuse for people to kill dreams.

We know that great businesses, products and services are born out of dreams. Without dreams, you won’t be to read this blog post on your iPad; you won’t be able to connect with your friends, family and customers on Facebook; you won’t be able to, well, live.

Jason and David have employees resides in multiple cities and countries; 37signals is attracting customers without any advertising; and yes, they like to share their secrets to success without hesitating.

This manifesto can show you how to do the above and reach success easier – literally.


There are literally hundreds of manifestos published on ChangeThis. Those 5 I recommend above is just to get you started. I definitely recommend you to visit ChangeThis.

Do you have a personal favorite? If so, please share yours by leaving a comment on this blog post.