Digital Nomad + Virtual Services = Epic Digital Business

Do you fit the definition of a digital nomad?

“Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.” credit

The ability to run your business while globe-trotting from one location to the next is a dream that’s been had by many, but realized by very few in days gone by.

However, with the rise in affordable, quality digital services like digital offices, digital phone numbers, digital staff, and online business management software, there’s never been a better time to become a digital nomad.

Digital nomad

Keep reading to learn how virtual services can help you grow a truly epic business without the need to live in a set location!

Lower overhead costs mean lower costs and more profits to build your business and live the lifestyle you want

Overhead costs are the big elephant in the room that few customers actually understand. All they see at the end of the day is themselves paying more for your services than they feel you’re worth. When leading a nomadic lifestyle, you won’t be seeing your customers often and thus need to make sure your prices are hyper-competitive at all times.

Customers who aren’t in business don’t understand that in order to keep the “digital” doors open, you must pass your costs on to them. After all, profits are made when all overhead and unforeseen expenses your business incurs are paid in full.

Virtual services like virtual offices, virtual phone numbers, virtual secretaries, and virtual assistants are much less expensive to manage and accommodate your wandering lifestyle due to a few key reasons:

  • Virtual office rentals cost less because several businesses can share the address/facilities at the same time without bumping into each other, or using expensive office supplies day in and out (plus, you won’t be paying for an office you rarely visit).
  • Virtual phone services don’t require desk-bound employees working in a physical office (again, since you’re a vagabond, why suffer the expense?)
  • Virtual employees including secretaries and assistants don’t require a part or full time schedule, nor will you have to pay them for benefits including health and employment services, or vacation pay.

When you eliminate overhead expenses, they don’t have to be passed to the customer, and more is available for R&D, marketing and of course, more virtual staff to help grow your digital business. Not to mention more money in your pocket for that next plane ticket across the world!

Remote business team

Better talent and higher retention rates boost profits and reduces the need for you to be in a set location.

A physical office requires employees to fill it. Otherwise, what’s the sense in shelling out money for a lease and overhead? The trouble with requiring employees to be in a set geographic location is that they have to be willing to go there every day, or as required to do their job and collaborate with you and their team.

You certainly don’t want to give up your nomadic lifestyle and be chained to a desk, so why would you want to force your employees to live that way?

Location can be a big problem when trying to attract the best and brightest talent. They have to be willing to commute or move to wherever headquarters are located. Recruitment and retention rates inevitably suffer when employees don’t have the work/life flexibility they want.

Your customers inevitably suffer when staff retention rates aren’t ideal:

  • They have to deal with delays when an employee quits and leaves you hanging in the middle of a project.
  • Turnover increases expenses recruiting an on-boarding expenses (which need to be passed to the customer).
  • Service levels are often disrupted across the board.

If you don’t want to be chained to the same desk every day, certainly managing your staff from the cloud for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office and staff is the only sane choice. A reputable virtual service firm can instantly set your business up with a virtual office, phone number, receptionist and team of virtual assistants to help build an epic digitally-run business!

Virtual services can save you money by offering a virtual space to congregate in the cloud with your virtual staff, along with an actual physical office you can use for meetings with customers, partners and investors whenever you’re in town.

You’ll never have to worry about the traditional expenses that come with physical staff, as the virtual service you choose will properly vet and help to train your virtual team for you. Lack of retention issues improve customer service and profits, while you can obviously work from wherever you wish in the world.

Digital nomad working at the beach

Live the life you want while running your business in the cloud!

One day in the very near future, nearly all business will be done in the cloud, utilizing virtual technology and staff to maintain operations. The need to maintain an office full of staff, in a set location, are long gone. The reality is that anyone in 2018 and beyond can build and run a business from their laptop, without ever stepping inside an office or boardroom.

If being a digital nomad is an idea you’ve entertained, you should start doing your research right away. Find a digital service that offers the options you’ll need to run the business you’ve chosen, then buy a plane ticket and hit the road!

You’ll never believe you waited so long to take the plunge…