Deciphering Office Jargon: What Your Colleagues Really Think

Do you love to think outside the box to really move the needle? Chances are you are either guilty of office speak or know someone in the workplace who does. When you’re new to an office environment, it can sometimes feel like a new world, though those who are a little more used to the jargon can sometimes wish they were on another planet…

no more office jargon

Thanks to the following infographic by Powwownow, we finally know what the nations truly thinks about office speak. When it comes to blue sky thinking, touching base and moving online, the British public seem none too happy about being subject to these kinds of conversations.

It might be time to move away from office language and return to normal conversation. It’s what we all want, just so we can understand what’s being said in meetings and email exchanges.

Infographic source

Cover photo by Alejandro De La Cruz/Flickr