Best Open House Flyers to Attract Buyers

An eye-catching flyer can make the difference between a successful real estate open house and one with underwhelming turnout. Real estate agents need flyers that attract buyers to their open house events. Consider adding flyers to your marketing plan, along with time-tested b2b marketing strategies like an email newsletter for customers and an informative, easy-to-navigate website.

Follow these four steps to create an open house flyer that will bring in prospective buyers and make your listings look great.

Real estate marketing

Start With Great Photos

The first step to creating flyers for new real estate agents is to get professional-quality photos of your listing. Whether you want to use one standout image of the home’s exterior or create a collage that showcases the interior, you’ll want to get high-quality, sharp images of the property. If you’re shooting outdoors, be sure to take your pictures on a nice, sunny day. Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to ensure strong images. If you go the DIY route, capture your photos at a high resolution and consider taking them when the light is nice, usually in the morning or evening.

Make the Important Details Stand Out

People need to know where your open house is to be able to find it, right? When you’re designing a flyer for a real estate open house, don’t forget to highlight the event information – including the time, date and location. Use a large, bold font for the phrase “open house,” so it’s clear your advertising an event, and not just a property listing. Include the listing agent’s contact information and a small photo. Agents who use real estate social media templates will find that a lot of the same best practices for designing social media graphics apply to flyers. You want the most important information to jump out to potential buyers.

Include Your Branding

An open house flyer should give buyers a sense of the property. It should also let them know a bit about your brand. Look for a flyer template that allows you to upload your logo, slogan, contact information and brand color palette. Keeping those elements consistent across all your designs – whether they’re for social media, flyers or billboards – will make your brand recognizable to buyers and buyers’ agents.

Open house flyer template
photo credit: Active Rain

Share Key Information About the Property

Think about the information that will be important to a buyer when you’re deciding what to include on an open house flyer. There’s a limited amount of space on a standard sheet of paper, and only so much information a viewer is willing to absorb when they’re looking at a poster. Key information to share on your flyer includes the home’s listing price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the home’s square footage. You might also want to include a short description of the property – aim for less than 100 words of well-written marketing copy.

Take the time to design a sharp looking flyer for your next open house. It will highlight the best features of your listing, attract potential buyers and strengthen awareness for your real estate brand. When you’re ready to start designing, consider using a template created by a trusted agency with experience in marketing for real estate agents.