The Best Office Design Trends in 2016

Trends come and go, but for offices they often hang around longer due to the amount of time and effort spent creating and installing a brand new design. Still, rather than a huge redesign of an office, there are plenty of smaller trends that are emerging throughout 2016 and are a lot simpler to get on-board with.

Colorful office design
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If you’re hoping to update areas of your office and keep the style as modern as possible then some of the below will help achieve this. Otherwise, learn more here about a new, full office design that will suit your business’ purposes.

Bringing the Outside In

Google Budapest - spa office
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Adding plants and sunlight to the workplace has been reported by various studies to boost productivity and creativity. Many offices include a few house plants in the corner and on desks but some are taking this further.

From overdoing it with plenty of plants covering desks to vines over walls and even some places installing Astroturf rather than carpet, businesses are hoping it will have a positive effect. Many are keeping the outdoors outside too, with rooftop gardens creating a good place to relax in lunch hours.

Multipurpose Workspaces

Multipurpose workspace
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No longer is a meeting room just a meeting room. In order to save space and make such rooms or areas more flexible through trendy seating arrangements and tables many are used for a range of purposes. Meetings, breakout areas and multimedia presentation spaces are all rolled into one with height adjustable tables, oval tables that can easily suit small to large meetings and more.

Integrated Technology

Multitouch table
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Technology has been on the rise in the workplace for the past few years, if not decades, and is continuing to new places in 2016 through further integration.

Charging slots and power sockets are now being integrated into office furniture, such as breakout sofas and work desks. There are also touch tables which are like a giant iPhone as a table, useful for meetings and relaxing, along with office chairs with technology to warn workers of poor posture when working and even self-parking chairs.

Colour Co-ordination

Colorful office - Yahoo!

There’s always a new on-trend colour scheme for offices. For 2016 it appears to be a continuation of bright colours with bold graphics across the walls, to try and energise the workplace.

Many are also taking note of the importance of colour and organising the office by colour too. This can be the quickest and easiest change to make if you don’t want a complete office design overhaul.