App Law: European Teens Unimpressed With European Officials Over Online Privacy Bill

The already disparate E.U. and U.S. online privacy laws may diverge even more. U.S. tech companies aren’t thrilled by the notion, claiming that a proposed European Commission online privacy bill could stall both innovation and the economy.

Is the anxiety warranted or is it hollow concern trolling?

Online privacy laws

Current Privacy Law Landscape In The US

U.S. officials – under the aegis of tech and private business advocates – have yet to pass a “universal” online privacy bill, but not for lack of trying. Politicians have waged dozens of campaigns, but no such law has found its way into federal law books.

To be clear, the U.S. does have a smattering of group- and issue-specific online privacy statutes, like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, HIPPA and a handful of other finance-related restrictions. What America doesn’t have is an all-encompassing digital privacy law.

What New Online Privacy Laws Are European Officials Proposing?

Some European officials want to fatten existing online privacy statutes by extending the social media age of consent from 13 to 15. Meaning, people under 15 would have to get mummy’s and daddy’s permission to participate on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

The law would take effect in 2018.

Why Do People Think The EU’s New Online Privacy Proposal is a Bad Idea?

European teens are revolting against the proposed “nanny clause” – and they’ve got allies in high places. Several groups have come out against the EU’s proposal, arguing that denial fosters deception, and therefore, the ban would only encourage duplicitous and unsafe behavior.

How Would The Proposed EU Online Privacy Laws Affect U.S. Businesses?

U.S. Tech companies aren’t pleased with the proposal either – after all, who wants a legislative noose around their technology? Plus, implementing the necessary compliance changes (if it were to pass) would be costly.

Consult With An Online Privacy Lawyer

Hacking, piracy and data collection are all aspects of today’s business milieu – and regulations apply. Anyone running a business – online or off – should have a serviceable understanding of online privacy laws – both domestic and foreign. Not knowing could result in a sizable fine.

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