Hello and welcome to Biz Penguin. My name is Ivan Widjaya. I am the owner of Biz Penguin, and I am a website builder and online influencer; I am also the owner of several popular blogs, such as Noobpreneur.com, AsepOnde.com and CBRdigital.com.

I would like to offer you an opportunity to promote your business, products or services with us.


sealBiz Penguin is a small business online magazine covering many topics related to small business, mainly ideas, tips and tools. I also offer personal development tips distilled from my very own experience.

If you are promoting to small business owners and entrepreneurs, we can help you getting the words out about your products and services.

You have many reasons to do so with us – here are some of them:

  • We are visited by mainly business people and our reach is growing on daily basis.
  • We add value by actively promoting our clients and partners on social media.
  • If you promote your business to US and UK audience, you have come to the right place!
  • We are flexible – if you don’t like our ad options, suggest yours!

Stats speak louder than words

Established in November 2012, we are still very young. However, in less than 3 months period, we have grown from zero to over 5,000 visitors a month. We are growing steadily, as we gain more exposure on the web.

We understand you value every cent of your advertising budget. So, to help you decide whether we are a good option for you or not, here are some stats (live stats!) you might have interest in…

Ad options

ad spotsWe are mainly offering the following:

  • CPM (cost-per-thousands) based advertising: 300x250px sidebar banners on position number 1, 2 or 3
  • Products or services review: We will produce the review for you – or if you wish, we can publish yours.

As we mentioned above, we are open for YOUR advertising option. Please pitch us with your ideas!

Please note, we serve advertising based on first come, first serve basis. With that being said, as we are not serving banner ads in a rotation, the latest advertisers will always occupy the top-most spot on Biz Penguin.

With regard to payments, we accept Paypal and Western Union. Payments are final, non-refundable.

Download our media kit

If you prefer to review our advertising opportunities in PDF format, please download our Media Kit.

Ready to take action?

Please email us at info@bizpenguin.com or use the following form:

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