A Guide to Successful Self Promotion

Self-promotion is essential if you are hoping to make yourself money online. We live in a world that is dominated by the internet and online businesses are so popular. Being a freelancer is a profession that appeals to so many people due to the flexibility and the chance to be your own boss, not to mention the fact that you make money from doing something that you love.

self promotion

We are in a period of economic downturn so it is very important that we all work hard in order make enough money to be comfortable.

The freelance industry is so popular and there are many different freelance platforms online that provide a basis from which budding experts can showcase what they have to offer.

This article will highlight what it takes to make your service shine online and what things you must include on your portfolio in order to appeal to potential employers.

Do your research and check out how other people market themselves but make sure you add your own slant on it.

Strong Portfolio

If you are hoping to promote yourself in a strong way online then you must have a creative portfolio on Enthuse, this is the first thing potential employers see and it is the only way to get your career on the move. It needs to be constantly updated and modified as you develop and hone your skills, employers will know if you are constantly striving to better your service or are content with three good pieces of work.

Finding a reliable freelancer is tough, it is an industry filled with people trying to make some fast cash and this usually means slacking on the service they offer. We live firmly in the internet age and that has meant, like any other industries, the freelance focus is internet dominated.

There are an abundance of freelance platforms out there, freelancers certainly can’t moan a lack of exposure, and it is just down to you to be innovative and forward thinking.

Refined Product

Having a honed and refined product is essential and it can be a brilliant way to separate you from the pack. There are so many budding freelancers out there that having a strong product above all is the most important thing. Successful self-promotion is centered on the fact that you can back up your claims when clients come calling.

Once you get your first few clients, you have to make sure that you provide a service that is top quality and worthy of them coming back. Securing a client base is a brilliant way to make sure that you have constant flow of cash coming in each month.


You have got to be driven and believe that this is the right career path for you. We live in a world that is filled with unemployment and people claiming they work freelance.

There are very few freelancers who make enough money to have a prosperous life so it is so important that if you decide on this career path you are driven and determined to succeed.

About the Author: Andrew is a freelancer with 10 years industry experience. He loves to write about all sorts of topics but focuses on the freelance industry itself and economics.

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