7 Reasons Your PPC Campaign Will Fail

Organizations have taken pay-per-click very seriously as an advertising model. Indeed, if used appropriately, it has the potential to get you increased web traffic and sales.

In the same stretch, however, PPC campaigns can turn out to be very frustrating, especially in cases where marketers use the wrong approach to market products. Some key basic elements of PPC marketing include understanding the audience, the marketing and packaging the campaign in specific ways.

PPC campaigns

Generally, there are a variety of reasons why your PPC campaign is bound to fail. In this article, we highlight some of the reasons that will lead your PPC campaign to crumble.

Poor Research

A key question when starting your PPC campaign should be: who exactly is the campaign targeting?

It would be wrong to approach your campaign without a proper understanding of the market. The research will help you identify the correct copy to place an ad, the best platforms and even help you to understand your target audience and the kind of message they would appreciate.

Failure to invest in research and even engage a creative team such as Gold Coast Adwords Consultant may negatively affect your overall campaign.

Landing pages Fail to support Ad Copy

The purpose of the Ad word campaign is to drive people to your website. Once this is done, the landing pages should help the client to get a better view and understanding of your products. This is what will convert traffic/web visitors into clients.

Even as you fine-tune your Ad copy and make it outstanding amid stiff competition, ensure that your landing pages have the right content to retain potential clients and turn them into paying customers. There is no point to spend on Ad campaigns only for customers to get disappointed by your landing pages.

Low budgets

How much are you willing to spend on your Ad word campaign? The relationship between your budget and the number of clicks you get is relatively close and needs to be realistic.

The more you spend, the better your Ads are placed and the higher the possibility of getting a high click-through rate. However, other factors such as keyword choice and placement will influence this performance.

Try to strike a balance between how much you want to spend, your timing and other influential factors.

Poor Ad positioning

When, where and how do you position your Ad copy so that it gains maximum traction?

Ads should focus on getting as much organic traffic and converting traffic to clientele. The idea here should is to ensure that your Ad is visible and on the right platform, reaches out to the target audience, and runs at the appropriate time.

Ad positioning is simply a combination of factors that will influence how your copy is seen on particular search engines. Make an effort and learn how best to place your copy as a way of making your PPC campaign more effective.

PPC conversion tracking

Lack of conversion tracking

At the end of the PPC campaign, the rate of conversion will be one of the metrics used to measure results. However, even the value of the conversions will play a key role.

It is one thing to have high click-through-rates and something else altogether to turn these numbers into actual sales. There must be a deliberate effort to assign values to conversions during your PPC budget.

Actual key terms and Negative keywords

Research indicates that companies are earning only 12% from their keyword. This means that 88% of keywords barely add any value to the PPC campaign, yet this is where most of the money is spent.

Special attention must be given to keywords when placing Ad copy on search engines. Your keyword strategy holds an essential value to the overall PPC gains. Identify the keywords that are most relevant and aim to spend on them.

Forgettable Ad Copy

Treat your PPC ads like billboards or TV commercials. The bottom line is that you want it to reach a large number of your target audience. In other words, you aim at reaching the highest levels of efficiency with your Ad copy.

In view of this, it is paramount that you put out striking Ad copy. Pay attention to what really will attract visitors to click through your Ads.

Treat your Ad copy like any other advert that is expected to increase profitability. Engage the right creative team to help you create Ads that stand out and make sure the ads send visitors to optimized landing pages.


Even with a rising number of advertising avenues with improved technology, PPC is still highly valued and one of the most outstanding approaches to online advertising. A strong supporting factor of PPC is that results are easily measurable from the kind of traffic you get. This notwithstanding, it is important that you give your PPC campaigns the appropriate consideration to avoid spending money without registering returns.