7 Characteristics of Insanely Successful Entrepreneurs

I am a firm believer that entrepreneurship can be taught.

With that being said, I do believe that some people are born with entrepreneurship genes, which make the pursuit of opportunities seems natural. For some others, however, they need to do more in order to be successful: They need to personally and professionally develop themselves in such a way that they have what it takes to start a business – and actually guide it to success.

Successful entrepreneur

In the end, it’s about mindset, really. You need to be able to find a way to re-program your mind for entrepreneurship: The ability to think positively even when they have to face insurmountable obstacles; the ability to accept the fact that entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs; the ability to manage their fear and doubt.

With that being said, there are typical characteristics successful entrepreneurs have – something that you need to acquire if you want to find success in your entrepreneurial journey. What are they?

1. Do what you enjoy, enjoy what you do

No successful entrepreneurs hate what they are doing. Even if they don’t like the niche, they love the whole process of starting up. They enjoy troubleshooting; they enjoy leading others; they enjoy embarking into the murky road of starting up.

And above all, they enjoy the journey.

2. They plan their day wisely

Just do it is not a good advice. Sure, many entrepreneur-wannabes are having great ideas, but they often stuck at planning and in doubt of what they should do with their ideas.

On the other hand, successful entrepreneurs share this particular characteristic: They have their rituals. Not only they plan for their business, they also plan their personal life.

Successful entrepreneurs often ask to themselves in the mirror: What are YOU going to do today? Are YOU going to enjoy your day whatever life gives you? Are YOU going to make a difference today?

The ‘psyche war’ with themselves early in the day begins their day.

And yes, while doing so, they have their plan written in their notes – paper or digital.

3. They manage their money wisely

“Live below your mean” is not really a useful advice, but live within a budget is what successful entrepreneurs do. They have a budget on everything – for both their personal and business finance: They know how much they should keep for rainy days; they know how much should go to grow their assets and investments; they know how much they should spend this month, and on what.

4. They use technology as leverage

Many are becoming victims of technology, spending money on useless gadgets and what-not. However, successful entrepreneurs use technology to their advantage. They use the app they really need. Some techie entrepreneurs even develop their own app that enables them to manage their business wherever they go, whenever they want.

5. They have a business team

No successful entrepreneurs work alone. Even successful solopreneurs have their virtual teams, composed of contract workers and freelancers who help them to run their business.

Not only ‘working’ teams, successful entrepreneurs also have lawyers and mentors as critical parts of their team.

6. They position themselves as an expert

Successful entrepreneurs are those who are also doing great in position themselves as an expert. They build their personal brands and personas with the help of their PR team – and social media.

What’s the benefit of this? Well, consider this as your very own marketing tool. If you are a successful entrepreneur and people know who you are, you are your greatest selling tool, as people are look up to you for some expertise in your niche.

7. They delegate

Perhaps the best thing you can notice of any successful entrepreneurs is the fact that they are master of delegation.

They delegate some responsibilities so that their businesses can be properly run with or without them. This way, they can leverage their time to do what’s more important, such as strategizing for their business.

There are many other characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, but the above are some typical characteristics that can easily show you why an entrepreneur is successful/unsuccessful.

If you want to find out more about the characteristics you should embrace in order to be successful, here are some resources for you:


Photo credit: Steve Wilson/Flickr