5 Ways to Improve Online Sales With Great Images

Great images are vibrant and topical. They feature engaging subject matter in a clear, high-definition composition. Webpages look bland and boring without high-quality imagery to complement the text. Compelling photos will encourage viewers to stay on your website, explore your content, and consider your products.

Versace product photo

The best images are original and relevant. These images give your viewers something interesting to consume and ponder. When used properly, your images can become the critical factor that converts visitors into buyers. Use the following tips to boost sales with your photos.

Capture Images in Great Quality

High quality image
photo credit: AirHaake / Flickr

Every image that you use should be extremely high quality. Avoid anything that’s blurry, pixilated, or grainy. Look for images that use intriguing compositional concepts such as the following:

  • The rule of thirds: Elements of the image are divided into thirds. For example, the ground may take up two-thirds of the photo and the sky takes up one-third of the image.
  • Dynamic symmetry: Geometric elements promote flow and continuity.
  • Framing: The subject of the photo is framed by other elements.

Use Original Photography

Stock photos are tempting to use because of their affordability and availability, but you should use original photography as much as possible. Readers may mistake your article for another they’ve already seen if both articles have the same generic stock photo at the top. Hire a photographer to capture compelling images that speak to the topic. We can even take high-quality images with our modern-day smartphones. When highlighting products in your pieces, you should always use photos of the actual products for an accurate representation.\

Select Highly Relevant Images

Woman in a fitness studio
photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Choose images that speak directly to the topic. A smiley face or a smiling family is too abstract. If you’re writing about workout routines, include actual photos of each activity rather than abstract shots of a fitness studio. When posting a recipe, provide a photo of the dish instead of a photo of a cook in an apron. The images should provide additional information that adds depth to your content.

Evoke an Emotion

The best marketing campaigns evoke an emotion. Strong feelings compel shoppers to make a purchase so that you can sell more products online. For example, when marketing your swimwear, show someone in a sparkling pool or relaxing on a bright towel on the beach. Viewers will yearn to feel the same sense of exhilaration or relaxation, making them more likely to make a purchase that may lead to a similar experience for them.

Use a Collection of Photos

Every webpage should have at least one photo, but there’s no reason to stop at one only. Use a compelling collection of photos when relevant. If you’re creating a website for your restaurant, show several of your enticing dishes so that viewers are more likely to see something that makes their mouths water. If you’re posting a blog about a particular type of product, feature several examples in a gallery or grid. This presentation makes your whole blog post more engaging and gives you the chance to show off multiple items that a reader may purchase.

By using great images, you can enhance any page on your website, increase opportunities for customer engagement, and ultimately boost your online sales.