5 Business Tips and Trends to Adopt for Growing Your Business

Running a successful business in any industry and sector requires a great deal of hard work, determination, sacrifice and resilience, which will each help to make a company a hit or a miss. Of course, there are other factors that can make or break the growth of your business.

That is why you must keep your ear to the ground for the latest techniques. If you want to hit every goal you have set for your new venture this year, check out the following business tips and trends.

1. An Animated Whiteboard

If you want to bring your business to life for your customers, an animation video is one solution you shouldn’t overlook. It’s a quick, easy and fun way for your potential customers to learn more about who you are and what you do, keeping your message both simple and clear.

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, which is why it can be an effective way to engage your core demographic. So, they are more likely to watch the entertaining, informative video, which could lead to a higher conversion rate.

2. Outsourcing

One new trend that could seriously benefit your business is outsourcing. If you do not have sufficient staff in-house, a remote workforce can help to power your company without the need to pay annual salaries.

You’ll simply pay for the work a freelancer or contractor completes, and you can send their payment online through the likes of PayPal or Veem. Also, as you’ll have less internal staff, you won’t need to invest in a large office space and can reduce your utility bills.

Buying an existing business

3. Buy an Established Business

Of course, if you’re a budding entrepreneur who has yet to launch a new venture, it might be a smarter idea to buy an established business. Rather than launching a company from the ground up, you can invest in a venture with a tried-and-tested business model, which is already generating a substantial profit. If this sounds like the perfect solution for you, find the right accounting practice for sale.

4. Live Video

As stated earlier, video is seemingly worth more than text online. If you want to run a powerful social media campaign for your brand, you must shift your attention to live video streaming, if you haven’t already. Not only can it increase brand engagement, but it will also allow your company to show off its unique personality, as you can stream live business events or film discussion panels, conversations or mini-ads.

Learning business woman

5. Start Accepting Alternative Academic Credentials

Most businesses require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum educational requirement for multiple roles. However, you are just as likely to find talented, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who have gained alternative credentials.

If you want to open the door to many more promising candidates, consider accepting alternative credentials for a role, such as applicants who have completed online courses such as Udacity, Coursera, Khan Academy, plus more. Remember, they will have embarked on a course in their spare time, which means that they will have a genuine interest in the subject matter.