4 Reasons Why You Must Incorporate Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, people look for answers and solutions to their queries and problems online. From blogs to social media and video streaming services, the Internet has kept people away from boredom. Naturally, businesses are also fond of using these platforms and tools in an attempt to run their advertising and marketing strategies effectively.

Video marketing, in particular, has proven to be an efficient method in reaching out to existing and potential clients. And while you may have been using alternative marketing methods (e.g., social media, email, PPC, etc.), you might be surprised how video marketing can change your perspective forever, and boost your business significantly.

Video recording for video marketing campaign

If you are wondering why you must incorporate video in your marketing strategy, then you have come to the right place. Here are four powerful reasons why you should be using video marketing right now!

1. Boosts Conversions and Sales

Yes, that is right – videos are capable of boosting your conversions and sales. Studies have shown that about 75 percent of people who watch an explainer-video (or an introduction video of some kind) tend to buy the product or subscribe to the service afterward. In reality, the effectiveness of video marketing is not surprising.

If your compelling images (like those you’re using on your Facebook posts, for example) are able to boost engagement significantly, imagine what moving pictures with the right text can bring to the table.

2. Helps Humanize Your Brand

Sure, content is capable of humanizing your brand. However, it cannot get the job done alone. At the end of the day, plain texts are only limited to reading. With videos, however, you are able to present the face of a real human with a real story to tell.

Let’s say you want to post new content about the top video ad networks and platforms, for example. With an image only, people might have a hard time understanding what you are trying to convey. However, if you choose video content, they will probably capture the message of your content more easily, allowing them to make informed decisions.

3. Powerful Way of Starting Conversations

The most challenging thing about conversations is that they are so hard to start. This is most notably the case if your business is new, as people barely have knowledge about you, your business, and the product or service you’re offering. But when it comes to promotional videos, it should not be the case.

For instance, you want people to know about your service that allows them to advertise products on platforms like Bannerbit.com. Your video can easily move them from being skeptics to potential customers since they have a better understanding of who you are and what you do, so eventually, they’ll start asking some questions and show more interest.

Video marketing

4. Builds Trust

If you want your conversions and sales to convert better and be successful, it must have a good foundation, and building trust is a must-have one. Before you can create long-term relationships with your customers, your marketing must be based mainly on trust. Instead of the idea of only selling, why not let people come to you by offering attractive, useful and valuable information?

Fortunately, videos can engage people and even ignite emotions. Promotional videos are capable of fostering trust, especially since they can present your product or service in a conversational form.