4 Marketing Tips That Will Help You Think Outside the Box

In the world of marketing, there are so many new and creative designs so it is hard to stand out. However, it can get easier when you have some guidance. So, here are 4 marketing tips that are extremely valuable for any business regardless of the size or the industry it is in.

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1. Add Videos to your Ads

Ads are key. We are sure you already run ads or have run ads. Now it is time to step up your game. Research suggests video ads work much better than static ads, text ads, infographics, or carousels. Whether you are advertising on social media, content platforms, or search engines – videos sell more.

And we do not need any research paper to believe it. We have seen it firsthand. Depending on the industry and the targeting, you can expect a 50-200% increase in traction, leads, clicks, or views with video ads as compared to static or carousel ads.

2. It is Time to Invest in Influencer Marketing


Social media influencers are here to stay.

Influencers are here to stay. No matter what your outlook is, influencers can make or break online brands. If you have an offering that can gain from youth adoption or internet users adoption, then influencer marketing is 100% sure to get you some great results and exposure.

Social media platforms are a mixed bag of surprises. You need to tread cautiously and not waste your money on influencers who cannot bring in the leads for your business.

And lastly, remember that Instagram and Facebook aren’t the only social media platforms with influencers. Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch are extremely important. Snapchat and TikTok can also get you a great deal of attention.

3. Try Various Forms of Digital and Online Marketing

Digital marketing has been the best investment for many businesses. It includes various disciplines, such as:

  • Content marketing,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Google and other PPC ads,
  • Website SEO.

Prominent service providers such as the digital marketing firm Crystalead do all this and more to give your digital image a makeover and pull in more website visitors, leads, sign-ups, and sales.

The most important sub-aspect of digital marketing is perhaps link building. It’s the process of getting links directed towards your website.

A backlink is a link to your business’s website. If it comes from a high-quality authority source then you can expect a huge increase in organic traffic once the link is indexed by Google.

And as such, link building can net you gains that you never thought were possible.

It might be expensive to get backlinks, but once you have a few, the resulting revenue growth will be much, much more than the initial investment.

Johnathan Greenwood from Crystalead clarifies, “A good business doesn’t just stick to offline and social. A good business needs an authoritative presence on the web for the regular searchers and users.”

And what better way to get your website more optimized for these searchers and internet users than to do good link building.

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Stay on top of search results with backlinks.

4. Continue to Build your Brand

Branding makes you a brand from a business. Branding helps by making brand advocates (vs. customers), improving returning customers count, building a greater emotional connection with the consumers, as well as giving you better word-of-mouth potential.

In simple terms, branding is what your consumer feels about you. It has to be positive.

Invest in branding for the long term. It is not a one-time cost. You need to continually improve your brand perception and image using psychology, user experience research, communication tone, and your identity system.

In Conclusion

Competition is an ever-increasing phenomenon and as such, the need to find new ways to do good marketing is ever more pronounced.

Some marketing tactics are more effective than others. And the 4 tips we have shared with you here will surely help you attain better business growth.

Just look at how reputed marketing brands do it and you will have a clear idea of the success of these strategies. For example, the digital marketing firm Crystalead incorporates all this in a package and sells their clients a holistic, cutting-edge marketing solution that gives much better results, much faster.