3 Web Design Tips for a Better Business

In the competitive world of SEO, businesses, big and small, are trying to utilise every possible factor that will help them get higher page rank and ad viewability on the search result page. Web design is one of these ranking factors that can lead to the success or failure of your business. This is so because search engines like Google factor in web design as a part of their algorithm.

Therefore, knowing the best practices in designing your website will surely get you somewhere.

Business web design

As an expert in web design in Sydney for over a decade, Quantum can give you advice on how to create an effective web design that attract users’ engagement. The following are a few tips you can adopt to create a better web design for a better business.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, mobile Internet users outnumber those who use the Internet on desktop computers. Knowing this fact is important because the mobile-friendliness of your website is one of Google’s determining factors in ranking your website. Thus, the way mobile users see and feel your website is the key to your page rank. To create this kind of mobile user-friendly website, you need to use responsive design.

The idea of responsive design is to adopt technology that detects the details of the mobile devices, each of your potential customers is using and then respond to that information by presenting your site in the best look and feel of that particular device.

Good User Experience

This is highly related to the prior idea of responsive design. It’s true that focusing on keywords in order to get high ranking can more or less help create a better chance for your business. However, good experience potential customers get while browsing your site is also important because it helps keep them engaged and spend more time on your site.


At this point, some of you may ask “What is UX web design?” To answer, UX web design is the design of the website that takes user experience as the most important factor. A good UX web design keeps users engaged. The more engaged they are, the more time they spend on your site. The more time they spend on your site, the higher chance of your success.

Utilisation of Social Media

Although not a direct factor for search engine optimization on its own, social media can actually boost your SEO. Integrating social media sharing on your web design can increase your site visibility as users share the content on your website through these media. The more people share and see your content, the more links you will get.


Your website is the key to creating a better, more successful business. Besides creating content with the idea of SEO in mind, good web design with impressive user experience can help create better business opportunities, too, for it can keep your potential customers engaged and stay on your site for a longer period.