3 Ways to Save Money When You’re Selling your House

Selling your home is stressful. No matter the circumstances surrounding the sale, there is so much to consider: how you’ll fund your next purchase, when you need to sell by, where you will go, how much you want to raise, and a thousand other things besides.

Sell a house

What makes the process even harder is that there are often factors that add time pressure to the mix. In some cases, you’ll need to downsize due to a money shortage, so getting the ball rolling will be vital. Equally, a lot of people know that a quick sale is imperative once they’ve found their next dream purchase, in order to ensure that it’s not snapped up before they can lay claim to it.

The process can become very costly, especially if it drags on and on indefinitely. That’s why we’ve noted down these three great ways to save money when you’re selling…

Tip #1: Use an Online Estate Agent

Our first top tip to save you money is to enlist the services of an online estate agent. Companies like House Network are committed to saving you money, and you’ll find that their prices are highly competitive. Most of them differ from their high street counterparts in terms of the way that they calculate fees, charging a flat amount as opposed to a percentage of the sale, which means that you’ll pay them far less than you might expect. What’s more, they’re great at securing a quick turnaround, and this in itself a fantastic way to save money.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Social Media

Using an online estate agent is a great way to cut costs and increase your chances of finding a buyer, but there will still be fees to pay. Enter Facebook. Local selling sites have become a godsend for erstwhile buyers and sellers, helping to connect people in the right area, and secure sales without involving a middleman. Although you should still seek legal advice before making a sale, you’ll find that costs are far lower without any agency fees to cover.

Tip #3: Encourage a Quick Sale

Our third and final tip is to do everything within your power to secure a speedy sale. The faster you can move your property on, the less money you’ll pay in fees, maintenance, and so on. Choosing a good estate agent is a step in the right direction, but there are also quite a few things that you can do yourself. For starters, it’s important to ensure that you show your property in its best light, as this will help you to attract a buyer. You’ll also need to be flexible in terms of viewing times, and must make sure that your home is priced realistically in order to deter lengthy negotiations over money.

Follow these three top tips today to cut your costs and sell your home.