3 Types of Content Marketing Videos That Can Be Created Using Screen Recording

Content marketing basically involves creating and publishing content that viewers will find useful and that has value to them. Instead of trying to hard sell viewers, content marketing is designed to persuade them that they want to make a purchase instead.

While there are many ways that you can create videos for content marketing – one of the most interesting has to be screen recording. Honestly, you would probably be surprised at the types of content marketing videos that you could create using it and how effective they can be.

Screen recording for content marketing

Tutorials and Video Guides

It probably doesn’t surprise you at all that tutorials and video guides are the most popular types of video for content marketing created using screen recording. Because tutorials are innately useful and provide a very natural type of value to viewers, they are perfectly suited for content marketing.

In turn, screen recording is perfectly suited to create tutorials and video guides as well – when they involve any digital product. By recording video footage directly from your screen, you can show each step being performed in any tutorial that involves software or apps, online platforms, operating systems, bugs, or anything else for that matter.

If you want, you could indirectly promote a product within a tutorial – by integrating it and showing it being used. For example, in a tutorial about cropping a video, you could show how easy it is with a particular app.

Video Interviews

Although conventional interviews are conducted with the interviewer and subject sitting face to face, you can use screen recording to create video interviews conducted via video calls instead. If you find a subject that is popular and well-known among your target audience, it could be a really powerful video for content marketing.

Recording video interviews in this way requires less logistics, is easier to set up, and is more convenient for both parties. That being said you will need to make sure the video call quality is good, and may want to take steps to improve the webcam video and audio quality as well.

At the end of the day the effectiveness of video interviews in content marketing will also depend on the questions that you ask. Preparation is key, and you will want to try to find questions that you feel your audience would like to know the answer to.

Product Reviews

As you can imagine, screen recording is the perfect way to create product reviews of any digital product. However, you should be aware that while product reviews can be a great type of video for content marketing – there are some caveats.

For starters, if you review your own products it will likely seem self-serving and promotional. Similarly, if you review your direct competitors it will not seem that unbiased either.

Instead of that, your best bet is to create product reviews of other products that are you feel your audience may find useful. For example if your business is selling video editors, you could review video cameras, tripod stands, digital filters, or other tools.


By this point, you should have several ideas of videos that you could create using screen recording and add to your content marketing campaigns. All that you need to start creating them is a way to record video on Mac or PC using screen recording, and for example you could try Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

Make no mistake there are many other types of videos that can be created using screen recording as well, including product demonstrations, comparisons, ‘fair use’ videos, and more. As you start to explore your options, you will see that screen recording is a useful tool and can play an integral part in helping you to create great videos for content marketing.